Have a date with the Earth

„We had a date with the Earth!” at MillennárisPark, on June 5th, on the occasion of the World Environment Day

Magyar Telekom and its offer brands, T-Mobile and T-Home, joined by Kultúrpart.hu, Forum Home Entertainment and TV2, as part of an open-air program, presented “Home”, a film by Luc Besson and Yann-Arthus Betrand.

Luc Besson and Yann-Arthus Betrand are two artists that make it worth to spend 120 minutes watching the big screen. The occasion was obvious to come on June 5 th, on the World Environment Day, as their film is about the future of the blue planet. By watching the breathtaking shots, you became part of an international movement, since the film was being shown in several major cities simultaneously. “Meet the Earth!” was the only community event in Hungary where you could establish virtual links to other places on the Earth, on the occasion of this premier.

There were several other programs among the premier. The detailed program can be found below.


Climate poems (poems by Endre Kukorelly, Dániel Varró, Krisztina Tóth) performed by famous actors/actresses, accompanied by guitar


György Ferenczi concert


The giant earth ball of the Sustainability Day went on a journey: „Sustain the World” for a few minutes!


TV2 interview with Luc Besson


Hungarian premier of the film “Home” co-produced by Besson and Bertrand


Plants for the Planet!
When you date someone, you need flowers. We expected everyone attending this event to bring along a pot flower. At our signal, you could hand the flower to someone you expected not only to remember this evening, but also to act in its spirit.

The event was moderated by: Péter Novák

Video of the event.

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