Architecture-tailored panorama projection

at Magyar Telekom’s 2010 Kick-off, organized by HD Group

Magyar Telekom contracted HD Group Communication Agency to organize its traditional Kick-off event. This year a concept was created for this biggest strategic event of Telekom, which truly reflected in every detail the innovative spirit of the company that plays a decisive role on the telecommunications market. 

The venue for the event organized by HD Group Communication Agency was provided by Telekom's strategic partner, the Budapest Palace of Arts. The speeches were illustrated by 3D presentations, which the participants viewed through special glasses. Before and after the speeches the audience was treated to a special experience never before seen in Hungary. On the invitation of HD Group, Bordos.ArtWorks held a panorama projection in the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall.
The Bordos–Kovács–Vicsek trio has already earned considerable success and fame in Los Angeles, New York, São Paulo, Beirut, Dubai, Paris, Geneva, Cologne and Rome with their unorthodox holographic shows, projected stage decor, vj shows and art activities. For the Magyar Telekom Kick-off Bordos.ArtWorks created the first architecture-tailored panorama projection in Hungary. The Magyar Telekom event was also a world premiere. Viktor Vicsek’s system, in which he invested several years of development effort, was used for the first time for precise panorama projection on a curved shape, perfectly fitting the semi-circular wall behind the stage, the galleries and the organ. To view the spectacular presentation click here.
With the 2010 Kick-off Magyar Telekom efficiently communicated to the 1200 employees present and the viewers of the Internet streaming version that in this constantly changing world the company can only remain market leader with continuously renewed, innovative, creative and coordinated solutions.