Discount prepaid tariff packages for the visually and hearing impaired

We have designed special prepaid tariff packages, offering very low-price for SMS messages sent within our network, for those deaf or hearing impaired customers of ours who submit the necessary documentation certifying their handicap.

Along with the special tariff packages, our deaf or hearing impaired customers can opt for the SMS 500 or SMS 100 packages, which give them the opportunity to send 500 or 1000 SMS messages, respectively, within our network, within a 30 day period, for a favorable flat price.

Our Domino Net 80 service is available for the same customer group with a discount of HUF 1000, at a flat price of HUF 990.

A similar special prepaid package is available for our blind customers at favorable prices.

Benefits in the context of sustainability:

  • improving the living conditions of individuals and/or communities
  • promoting social cohesion
  • providing equal opportunities for individual people and groups of society
  • aimed at fulfilling the needs of the customer