MasterCard Mobile mobile payment application

Initially, MasterCard Mobile provides payment services in three areas:

  • mobile phone balance top-up
  • settling invoices issued by certain providers in a very comfortable and fast manner
  • paying via the internet

When having downloaded and registered the application, users also need to register their CVC2-code MasterCard or Maestro Card via telephone for a one-time fee of HUF 99 gross. Afterwards, the customer does not have to provide his/her card data at each and every transaction, which does not only make mobile payment quicker and more comfortable, but also eases the mind of many users, as according to many surveys, there are still a lot of consumers who are hesitant to use their cards to pay for goods over the internet. When paying by MasterCard Mobile, you do not have to provide either your card number or the card’s CVC or PIN code. At payment, the cardholder provides his/her phone number or MasterCard Mobile ID, provided specifically for the service, then approves the payment request sent to his/her mobile and containing the data of the transaction by punching in a secret six-digit alphanumeric code (the so-called mPIN). The mPIN code is the code the user chooses when registering and can change any time via his/her phone. The mPIN code is not the same as the bankcard’s PIN code.In addition to being comfortable and quick, the application offers the important benefit that, as opposed to bank transfers or direct debits, the transactions do not incur any costs apart from the one-time registration fee (HUF 99 gross) and the costs of the mobile data traffic generated (which is typically minimal).The range of service providers covered by the MasterCard application continuously widens. Currently (Q1 2012.), Telenor and QR-coded T-Mobile and T-Home invoices can be settled by MasterCard Mobile payment, and purchases can be made at Bookline, Bónusz Brigád, Bortársaság, Netpincér, Távszámla and GRoby.The following providers are being integrated as we speak: chocoMe,, Rádió Taxi,, ticketportal,, Mobile can be used on smart phones running on Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating systems.

Sustainability benefits

  • It promotes freedom of choice (as to geographical location).
  • It establishes consumption and production patterns that help to decrease the ecological footprint, while fulfills basic human needs.
  • It decreases costs for the customer.
  • It supports the dematerialization of products and services.
  • It helps to decrease volumes of transportation, fuel-consumption and emissions generated thereby, thus indirectly contributes to climate protection.