Mobile Payment

Mobile payment is a unique, new service, using which you can use your mobile phone, which you always have with you anyway, to make payments. Payment is debited to the Mobile Payment bank account balance, or its optional credit budget.

Mobile Payment is useful as it enables you to debit the price of goods you buy from entities that accept this form of payment to the bank account attached to the service. Mobile Payment users can transfer money to each other. The Mobil money orders option allows you to transfer money to any bank accounts held in Hungary (settling your invoices in a simple way).This secure payment method can be used any time, day and night, since the messages a transferred via encrypted channels, and transactions are to be confirmed by Mobile Payment PIN codes (mCode).

Sustainability benefits

  • Helps to save resources (decreased paper consumption).
  • Customers’ costs are decreased, additional costs are avoided
  • Supports individuals in exercising their right to chose (e.g. right to move etc.).
  • Decreases traffic-related fuel consumption and emissions (exhaust fumes, noise)
  • Establishes consumption and production patterns that help to decrease the environmental footprint.
  • Promotes the dematerialization of products and services.
  • Indirectly supports climate protection.