VideoGate video conference exchange service for subscribers

The VideoGate equipment enables users to conduct multiple conference calls of several participants, thus making their work time- and cost-efficient. VideoGate is able to manage multiple conference calls among the terminal equipment, while maintaining high sound and video quality. VideoGate offers video conferencing between the most popular video communication devices, like HD- and SD-quality video conferencing systems or video-enabled mobile phones. Parallel to the live video signal, VideoGate enables its users to transmit additional content (photos, documents, presentations).
The use of VideoGate exchange services is subject to registration, and the systems registered are assigned public identifiers (calling numbers), thus each will be accessible for the others. The communication of the systems will always be conducted by a reliable partner, Magyar Telekom, therefore the exposure and security risks associated with open video communication systems is eliminated.
Users do not need to invest into exchange infrastructure elements (like multi-point video conferencing servers, central call router systems, ISDN-IP bridges, etc.) for being able to use the system.

Sustainability benefits

  • It promotes freedom of choice (as to geographical location, workplace, work etc.).
  • It helps to better control resources.
  • It establishes consumption and production patterns that help to decrease the ecological footprint, while fulfills basic human needs.
  • It decreases costs for the customer.
  • It supports the dematerialization of products and services.
  • It helps to decrease volumes of transportation, fuel-consumption and emissions generated thereby, thus indirectly contributes to climate protection.