The Cause 2008

The following organizations were presented in the first series this year:

  • May 6: Transplantation Foundation for New Lives
  • May 13: Save the German Shepherd Breed Foundation
  • May 20: Hungarian Special Olympic Federation
  • May 27: Retextil Foundation

The first documentary presented to the viewers the Transplantation Foundation for New Lives, a non-governmental organization of public benefit. One of the major objectives of the foundation is to increase the number of transplantation operations and help rehabilitation. The funds donated would be spent on summer rehabilitation camps for children waiting for or already over a transplantation.

In addition to humans, animals were also presented with causes to support. The Save the German Shepherd Breed Foundation plans to build a rescue station and rehabilitation center where at least twenty dogs can be accommodated until the end of their training or until they find an owner.  

The Hungarian Special Olympic Federation wants to call attention to the cause of young people with a medium handicap or serious mental handicap. Their objective is to enable handicapped people to get closer to their healthy peers.

Thanks to the Retextil Foundation’s program a rehabilitation method that combines employment of people with impaired working capability with socio and art therapy can be applied in a wider scope. This support makes it possible for more disadvantaged and handicapped people to participate in workshops that develop their creativity and offer real social benefits.