The 100th Digital Bridge event

The 100th Digital Bridge event

digitalis_hid_logo_180x55The 100th event of the Digital Bridge in Small Settlements was organised on July 23, 2008 - with the singer, actor and choreographer Novák Péter participating - at Bakonszeg, which was selected because back in 2004 it was the settlement to host the launching event of the program. It was based on the experiences and successes of this initial program that Magyar Telekom’s volunteers realised the need to continue the program and disseminate the possibilities inherent in the internet at as many small settlements as possible. During the 100 programs conducted our volunteers helped locate spares for combines, organise programs for the local pensioners’ club, placed order for strawberry plants, checked the amount of precipitation and the current wheat price, just to mention a few among lots of other things.  

Citizens of Bakonszeg were once again very pleased to host the possibility to surf the internet. For many the event meant the first occasion to get on the web and eagerly listened to the instructions of our volunteers and Novák Péter. The jubilee program was enlivened by competitions and prizes.Participants and Magyar Telekom’s volunteers jointly consumed the 100-slice cake as a conclusion of the 100th „bridge-building” jubilee.


Video about the initiative

You can find the list of visited settlements among the attached documents with some opinions of the participants.

A_torta_belyeg A_vetelkedo_heveben_belyeg Az_internet_rejtelmei_belyeg Dedikaltuk_a_polokat_belyeg Istvan_szel_belyeg Jo_a_hangulat_belyeg Magentaban_boldogan_belyeg Nagy_az_erdeklodes_belyeg Nehez_feladat_belyeg Nenik_es_az_internet_belyeg Novak_Peter_es _tanitvanyai_belyeg Nyertes_belyeg Ok_is_nyertek_belyeg Puszi_a_nyertesnek_belyeg Segitseg_belyeg Tortazok_belyeg Versenges_belyeg