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Definition of terms

There are some terms, expressions that are useful to know if we want to learn more about the content used by our children.

  • Account: A specific user's account.
  • App store: Online store where smart phone applications can be downloaded, purchased: App Store (iOs) or Google Play (Android).
  • Avatar: Personalized character to identify users on websites.
  • Bitcoin: Virtual internet money.
  • Cyberbullying: Online harassment that may involve personal relations (i.e. school).
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol, a way to download and upload files.
  • Freeware: Programs that can be used free of charge.
  • Hangout: Google's chat program.
  • Hoax: E-mail designed to disseminate fake news, mostly shared in social media sites.
  • Sexting: Teenagers upload their erotic photos into social media websites with the intention to express their sexual maturity.
  • Keylogger: If the tracker feature is switched on (GPS feature in smart phones, tablets) one may monitor the actual geographical location of the device.
  • Nigerian letter: A type of spam where the addressee is promised a huge sum in return of giving out his bank account number and the target person is requested to wire a substantial amount with the promise that he will be reimbursed with much more.
  • Pageflakes: Fake website resembling to the original, real one. The technique is used for phishing.
  • Panic button: Several websites use this feature, with the help of the button one may report offensive, disturbing and harmful content.
  • Phishing: Unauthorized acquisition of personal data.
  • Selfie: Photo taken by the photographer of himself/herself, mainly used in social media sites.
  • Spam: Junk email.
  • Tor: Dark side of the internet with drugs, pornography. Non-conventional internet network operated by a specific client.
  • Torrent: File sharing network. Generally used for illegal downloading (programs, films, music, books).
  • Tracker: Application: with the help of the application one may log in a stolen device from outside.
  • Warez: Illegally downloaded programs. Wikipedia: Online encyclopedia created by its users.