Sustainable development is especially important for Telekom, so we strive to make sure that the Earth remain a livable place in the long run.

Telekom finds it important to keep its customers up-to-date on responsible and environment-conscious solutions and practices. The following article is about how you can sustainably recycle still usable electronic devices, like cell phones that you do not need any longer.

Our company, in partnership with the manufacturers, strives to make environment-consciousness an organic part of device manufacturing and recycling. In that spirit, we procure numerous parts that can be recycled at the end of the device’s lifecycle.

For the sake of transparency, we indicate in our device catalogues the devices that bear environmental features to thus help our customers to make informed decisions.Electronic devices contain hazardous materials to some extent that may contaminate the environment, if disposed of along the general pathways of waste disposal (e.g. they may leak or be dissolved from devices, when in contact with precipitation, other waste materials or chemicals at the waste disposal sites, and thus contaminate the soil and water, as well as may generate hazardous gases, when burned). Therefore, these devices require special handling and disposal pathways – dismantling, neutralization.

Let us to provide you some useful information on your device that will enable you to protect our environment:

  • The device you do not need anymore, but still works may be valuable for someone else, so you should not dispose of it immediately, but hand it down to a friend or family member who can still use it.
  • Devices not usable any longer may still be dismantled and their parts can still be used, recycled.
  • The batteries, when taken out of the device, should be collected separately from the rest of the household waste.
  • The devices may contain materials hazardous to the environment, so should not be disposed of along with the household waste: you can deposit them at facilities where they process them under safe circumstances, for example you can return them to the Telekom shops.
  • It is important that you deposit the batteries from remotes and sensors at the proper facility and do not throw them away with regular garbage.

Under the relevant EU and Hungarian statutes, you may deposit your electric or electronic devices at the dealer, at the proper disposal or collection sites.

Pursuant to the above, you can, of course, do that at Telekom shops: we will accept any devices, batteries that serve the same purpose as the one you purchase, if you need to deposit them for environment-friendly disposal or recycling, and we will also cover the related costs.

In order to protect our environment, since January 01, 2015, we grant customers a discount due in return for devices, electronic equipment returned under the effective law, which will apply to their following purchase. For further details, please, contact the Telekom shops.