Magyar Telekom puts extra emphasis on investing into technologies that future operations can benefit from. In order to decrease our energy consumption, we adopt energy-efficient assets as part of developing our networks, and in the spirit of our new strategy, we measure not only the energy efficiency of the equipment we use, but that of ones used by our customers, too. Our goal is to enable our customers to save energy and environmental resources.

One of the most significant problems of our age is climate change, which is partly due to the CO2 emission generated by humankind and burdening the atmosphere. Telekom realized the importance of environment and climate protection as early as in the nineties, and the concept has become an integral part of its activities. It has continuously decreased the energy consumption and improved the energy efficiency of its operations by applying innovative solutions along the principles laid down by its Sustainability Strategy.

We put extra emphasis on procuring energy-efficient devices as network components, on ensuring that the greatest possible number of our products and services meet environmental sustainability requirements, and on enabling our clients by means of the opportunities we offer them to save energy and environmental resources.

Our energy intensity is measured by the electricity intensity of our telecommunications network, i.e. the amount of data transmitted per unit of electricity consumption (in GBit/kWh).

In 2021, Magyar Telekom Group’s energy efficiency was 294 Gbit/kWh in Hungary and 235 Gbit/kWh in Macedonia (Makedonski Telekom).