The environment-conscious nature of our operations can also be measured in numbers, i.e. environmental indicators. Their use allows us to document our environmental activities and to track the progress.

Our company regularly tracks the following indicators, which are clearly defined and can be influenced by our operations, as well as measured (the relevant numbers are published each year as part of our Sustainability Report):

  • Electricity consumption [MWh]
  • Gas consumption [Em3]
  • Water consumption [Em3]
  • Fuel consumption of cars – unleaded gasoline [l]
  • Fuel consumption of cars – diesel [l]
  • Paper consumption [kg]
  • Car mileage [km]
  • Volume of hazardous waste [kg]
  • Volume of recycled hazardous waste [kg]
  • Volume of recycled waste paper [kg]
  • Volume of recycled telecom and other waste [kg]
  • Volume of municipal waste [m3]
  • Travel replaced by audio and video conferencing [km]
  • Total territory used [m2]
  • CO2 footprint [t]
  • Number of towers shared, but owned by the company [db]