Responsible investors

Magyar Telekom remains in the focus of responsible investor analyses. Responsible investment is an investment where classical financial and risk analyses are amended with social, environmental and ethical considerations when selecting the relevant investment.

These types of investments were first made in the nineteenth century in the United States were various churches expressed their concerns if worshippers invested in enterprises making profit on selling alcohol, cigarettes and firearms. In the 1960s people started to focus on ethical considerations when buying shares on the stock market, in other words they took into account the environmental and social responsibility performance of the respective company besides it's financial achievements. Those who chose responsible investments have been served by specialized investment funds and the capital power of these funds increased rapidly in the last decades.

In 2011 Magyar Telekom was listed again among the CEERIUS (Central and Eastern European Responsible Investment Universe) Index companies of the Vienna Stock Exchange, rating Central and Eastern European companies that offer outstanding sustainability performance.

Magyar Telekom also participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). In the framework of this worldwide initiative the largest companies report about their climate protection approach, the related risks and opportunities and their CO2 emission to the key investors (present asset value amounts to 78 billion USD).

Besides, the responsible investment consultants of Sustainalytics, GS SUSTAIN, SAM Research (DJSI) and ECPI also analyzed Magyar Telekom Group’s sustainability performance.

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