Pilot at Magyar Telekom

Magyar Telekom has actively kept track of trends in the industry since the early 2000’s and participated  in the activities of international standardization organizations.

In relation to introducing the IPv6 technology, our company developed a concept for roll out in Hungary and initial tests were also accomplished. Live network tests have been done since February 2009 (further information on IPv6 prefixes used in Hungary and their operation is available at the   http://www.sixxs.net/tools/grh/dfp/all/?country=hu webpage.)

Starting from November 2, 2009, we announced the start of a pilot for our existing large corporate, small business and residential customers who have ADSL or optical Internet services (using Windows Vista, 7, and Unix/Linux operating systems) within the service area of Magyar Telekom. The main objective is to test technical readiness under live operational circumstances, and to get feedback from the users in order to build their requirements into the upcoming commercial service.

During the pilot our registered subscribers can initiate IPv6 based connections using their already existing user IDs, and, upon successful authentication, they can use IPv6 based services with the allocated IPv6 network addresses. Within the framework of this experimental service it is possible to use public IPv6 addresses provided by  Magyar Telekom in their local area  networks (LAN) as well.

During the pilot the following Magyar Telekom services are accessible via IPv6 protocol:

  • Residential and business internet services on ADSL and optical access
  • Content service (Freemail – free webmail service - http://ipv6.freemail.hu)
  • DNS service (Domain Name System) – domain-name translation
  • Domain-registration

During the pilot our users can access these services free of charge but if their traditional (IPv4) internet service has traffic volume based billing (Easy and Kezdő (startup) packages), data transmitted as part of the experimental service will still be invoiced together with the IPv4 traffic.

Our plan is to make the commercial IPv6 service available to Magyar Telekom customers in the near future.