Press Releases

Total charge eclipse

Budapest, July 29, 1999

During the time of the solar eclipse (August 11th between 12.47.00 and 12.54.59) local and domestic long distance calls directed to MATÁV areas will be free of charge for subscribers of MATÁV.

The discount does not apply if the subscriber dials a mobile phone number, a customer of another wired service provider, or initiates a call abroad. The discount applies only to the usage fee, not the connection fee. This means that if the full duration of the call falls within those 8 minutes, only the connection fee has to be paid. If the call begins before or ends after the indicated time interval, the usual tariffs apply for the part of the call falling outside the defined 8-minute interval. During the eight minutes subscribers of MATÁV can save as much as HUF 244.

In connection with the solar eclipse collectors and, of course, all phone users can obtain a very special telephone card: 50,000 "Total solar eclipse" cards are packed in a special case. The last solar eclipse of this millennium can be observed safely through the certified filter foil of the case.