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Cheaper international calls

Budapest, March 16, 2000

From March 13 MATÁV is offering a new service, called "Favorite country", for customers who frequently call abroad. The service packages available for residential and business customers alike offer a discount on calls to countries selected by the subscriber for a fixed monthly fee.

Residential and business customers can choose from the following two packages:

The " Favorite country 0-24 " package gives subscribers 10% discount on the usage charge in international tariff zones 1, 4, 5, 6 and 20% discount in tariff zones 2 and 3 every day, 24 hours a day, for a gross monthly fee of HUF 800.

With the " Favorite country 18-07 " package subscribers can phone abroad at a discount between 6.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. the following morning on weekdays and all 24 hours on weekends and holidays for a gross monthly fee of HUF 200. The discount on the usage charge - similarly to the previous package - is 10% in tariff zones 1, 4, 5 and 6 and 20% in zones 2 and 3. Customers who order the "Favorite country 18-07" package will, after the first month's subscription, get two months' free (so for one month's subscription you get three months' discount on usage).

The "Favorite country" package is available for both analogue and ISDN telephone lines. (In case of ISDN connection it only has to be ordered for the control number and it will be available on all channels.) However, subscribers cannot have both the "Favorite country 0-24" and the "Favorite country 18-07" packages on the same telephone line.

For one monthly subscription fee the subscriber can choose one Favorite country and the size of the discount will depend on which international tariff zone applies to the country (see the annex). Subscribers who want to use the discount on two countries may do so by paying twice the specified monthly fee.

The "Favorite country" packages are available to residential and business customers on the same terms.

Comparative table
(listed minute fees of international calls vs. international minute fees in the Favorite country package)

Listed minute fees
of international
calls with VAT *
Size of
discount **
Discount minute
fee, without VAT
Discount minute
fee, with VAT
Zone 1 90,00 HUF -10% 64,80 HUF 81,00 HUF
Zone 2 116,25 HUF -20% 74,40 HUF 93,00 HUF
Zone 3 120,00 HUF -20% 76,80 HUF 96,00 HUF
Zone 4 318,75 HUF -10% 229,5 HUF 286,87 HUF
Zone 5 375,00 HUF -10% 270,00 HUF 337,50 HUF
Zone 6 450,00 HUF -10% 324,00 HUF 405,00 HUF

    * from 02.01.2000.
** for both Favorite country services