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Matáv announces new interconnection fees for 2001

Budapest, March 10, 2001

Matáv today reported the main interconnection fees related to concession telecommunications services.

The New Interconnection Decree, MeHVM Decree 8/2001 was issued by the Minister heading the Prime Minister's Office modifying the 1/1998 Decree of the Hungarian Minister for Transport, Telecommunications and Water Management, KHVM. The 8/2001 MeHVM decree is effective from the date of its official announcement, which is March 9, 2001.

Under the 2001 New Interconnection Fee Decree, Matáv, the long distance concession holder will pay local service providers (LTOs) an interconnection fee of HUF 7.00 per minute during peak hours and 3.60 HUF during discounted and night hours for the termination of domestic long distance calls. For origination of long distance calls, Matáv will pay LTOs a peak time interconnection fee of HUF 15.95 per minute. The discounted and night rate for origination of long distance calls will be HUF 6.77.

In 2001, the local service providers (either Matáv or an LTO) will receive HUF 13.00 per minute for originating a call terminated in the mobile network, and HUF 4.80 for terminating a call originated in a mobile network. As the long distance concession holder, Matáv will receive a long distance mobile interconnection fee of HUF 1.85 per minute for transporting domestic calls originated or terminated in the network of a mobile service provider.

For outgoing international calls originated by LTOs, Matáv, the international concession holder will pay an interconnection fee of HUF 36.00 per minute to the LTOs. Matáv will pay an interconnection fee of HUF 22.00 per minute to the LTOs for terminating international calls.

For international calls originated by mobile operators, Matáv, the international concession holder will pay HUF 16.63 per minute to mobile operators. For international calls terminated by mobile operators, Matáv will pay HUF 36.00 per minute to mobile operators.