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Magyar Telekom publishes its sixth sustainability report

Budapest, September 1, 2009 10:30

Magyar Telekom's sustainability report for 2008 fully complies with international guidelines so it obtained the highest A+ rating. Last year Magyar Telekom's sustainability report was the first in Hungary to receive the highest (A+) rating that means full compliance with the third generation guidelines of Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI G3).

The higher the level of compliance with international guidelines, the more transparent and comparable are the company's activities. In addition to presenting the company's profile the A+ rated report shows 49 mandatory, 23 telecommunications related and 15 supplementary indicators, in most cases with trailing 4-year figures. The report also covers the Magyar Telekom Group's subsidiaries in Macedonia and Montenegro.

To enable readers to learn more about the company's position and development, the company's environmental and social performance is also presented, in addition to Magyar Telekom's financial results, in the sustainability report published annually. Compliance with the GRI G3 (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines applied since 2003 ensures comparability of the company not only for traditional financial indicators, but also on the basis of other economic, environmental and social indicators.

The sustainability report is one of the key elements of transparent corporate operations because it shows in diverse areas the company's performance to its stakeholders, i.e. all parties having any interest in the operations of the company (customers, vendors, non-governmental organizations, state bodies, employees, etc.). In 2006, 2007 and 2008 Magyar Telekom was the most transparent company in Hungary on the basis of ARH (Accountability Rating Hungary).

In the context of the Magyar Telekom Group's sustainability strategy, the report presents the sustainability initiatives made by the company and its offer brands - T-Home, T-Mobile, T-Systems - in the fields of responsible corporate management and risk management, customer relations, strengthening the opportunities of social communication, reducing environmental load, human resource management, maintaining trust and credibility.

It is a growing demand of the company's stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, vendors, non-governmental organizations, government, universities, etc.) that the company present its sustainability performance since they want to know how operations of the company affect them and how it contributes to sustainable development. Magyar Telekom invites stakeholders to express their views and requirements on the e-mail address too.

The full report is available on Magyar Telekom's website under the heading society and environment (
An abridged version of the report is available also in T-Pont shops.

Magyar Telekom and its subsidiaries have been paying high attention to management of social and environmental problems since the 1990s. Magyar Telekom has been coordinating its environmental activities since 2002 and has had a sustainability strategy since 2005. A sustainability report is published each year and certified by an independent third party in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. In Hungary we were the first to publish an A+ rated report in compliance with GRI third generation guidelines.

Recognizing the triple relations between environment, society and economy and strengthening them with positive activities is a long-term strategic principle for the Magyar Telekom Group. For this purpose the company is making efforts to integrate a sustainability related approach into all it corporate management processes. To ensure Group-level application and coordination of a sustainability related approach a Group Sustainability Coordination Council has been set up. Magyar Telekom's senior management, the Management Committee regularly receive reports on performance of sustainability strategy tasks and related achievements.