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The TV GO channel assortment of Telekom increaeses significantly

Budapest, July 28, 2014 11:45

The largest telecommunication service provider of Hungary expands its TV GO service – offering the experience of „multi-screen” television – by adding further 18 TV channels in August.

Resulting from the continuous developments in the he past months and successful negotiations with programme providers, the subscribers of Telekom TV can enjoy the versatile programmes of 34 TV channels using the TV GO service. One can enjoy further TV programmes, nature and children films, series and sports channels not only on TV screens but – assuming an appropriate internet connection – also on notebooks, tablets and smartphones, either at home or anywhere in the country. Additionally: all these without any extra fee!
Those having subscribed for the Telekom TV Basic package can enjoy the live programme of 16 channels already available on TV GO (ATV, HírTV, M1, M2, Duna, Duna World, MTV Europe, LifeNetwork, Ozone Network, Sport1, Story4, Story5, TV2, RTL Klub, Viasat3, Viasat6) as well as another 6 channels (Viva, RTL2, SuperTV2, Film+, RTL +, Spektrum Home). Customers subscribing for the Family package can watch additional 12 channels (Cool, Sport2, Minimax, Megamax, Spektrum, TV Paprika, Nickelodeon, AXN, Disney, Fox, NatGeo, NatGeo Wild), totaling altogether 34 TV channels.
Beside the live TV programmes of the TV GO service, hundreds of – movie, concert and children - films can also be borrowed, against a fee displayed. Furthermore, the assortment of the online Videotheque is not only available to Telekom TV subscribers, but to anybody. The content of TV GO also includes fresh film related news, articles and reviews edited by Origo.Further details and conditions related to TV GO and the offers of Telekom TV: