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Shareholders’ Assembly of MakTel approves dividend

Budapest, April 15, 2015 16:00

Magyar Telekom announces that its subsidiary, Makedonski Telekom AD – Skopje (MakTel), has decided at its Shareholders’ Assembly today on a total dividend payment of MKD 2.26 billion (around HUF 10.9 billion at the April 14, 2015 HUF/MKD exchange rate of 4.82) for the financial year 2014.

According to Macedonian Accounting Standards (MAS), on a standalone basis, MakTel recorded a net income of MKD 2.26 billion for 2014, all of which will be distributed as dividend in line with the decision of the Shareholders’ Assembly.

Stonebridge Communications AD Skopje, which is 100% owned by Magyar Telekom, is entitled to a dividend of approximately MKD 1.28 billion (approximately HUF 6.18 billion).