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Five and hald million HUF to the Tábhita House

Budapest, January 12, 2015 18:00

Close to two and a half million forint was raised from the cake and christmas cards sold in December during the charity campaign of Telekom and the Sustainability Media Club, to which 3 million HUF was added by the company. Participants delivered the donated amount personally at the Tábhita House.

In the December market day of the Adni jó! Sütiakció (Giving is Good! Cake campaign) employees of Telekom and the Sustainability Media Club sold their self-made cakes to those who were willing to donate for the reason of having not only a sweet-tooth but also a good heart. The goods also appeared in the company’s electronic christmas cards, by sending one of which further 100 HUF went in donations for each. Telekom added a donation of further three million HUF to the close to two million HUF collected through selling cakes and half million HUF raised through sending christmas cards, which means the children’s hospice house in Törökbálint has now at its disposal a total 5.474.030 HUF to use for upkeep and improvements.

The donation was handed over on January 12 at Tábitha house , where free of charge help is provided to families of permanently ill children whose illness is incurable according to the current state of medicine.

Éva Fábián, head of the Tábitha centre said: the operation of the children’s hospice centre, which provides care free of charge to children, whose illness cannot be cured and their families, currently relies exclusively on donations. The support offered by Telekom will be used for development and improvement, among others for the acquistion of breathing monitors, blood oxygen monitors, medicine dispensers and a special system of monitors to help observe children in a critical state.

Press publicity helped a lot in the past years to acquaint a growing number of people with the gap-filling mission of the Tábitha House, and the Sustainability Media Club took a lion share of this activity in the end of the year. Only publicity can provide a chance for rallying good-willed people –pointed out the head of the centre.

“Volunteering has traditionally had a major role in Telekom’s culture. Our colleagues are constantly looking for the occasions when they can help others. Being a responsible employer committed to sustainability we support and encourage these initiatives, among which the “Adni jó! Sütiakció” is among the most successful ones. It is a special pleasure to me that this year we have been able to help the inhabitants of the Tábitha House!” – said Éva Somorjai Telekom’s chief HR officer.

The Sustainability Media Club is the community of responsible media and their employees. Its members are representatives of press organs that are open to responding to the negative global phenomena by not only giving publicity to and criticising them, but also demonstrating an attitude of improvement with respect to them and confirming the value of good examples through their active involvement in addition to providing publicity to them. Members of the Sustainability Media Club are the Cemp group (,, the Centrál Mediagroup, ClassFM, Metropol, Origo, Ringier Axel Springer, RTL Club and TV2. Telekom is the prime mover of the Club.