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Telekom offering discount data roaming during holidays–Roaming rates changing in EU

Budapest, June 30, 2015 10:00

In the summer period the internet, i. e. surfing, sending emails, sharing and downloading data, can be used at a considerable discount with Telekom's Travel&Surf M and L roaming data tariff packages in EU countries and some other European countries. In addition roaming voice, text messaging and data usage fees also change within the EU as of July 1, 2015.

Using the net is easy abroad with Telekom

Magyar Telekom extends from July 1 to September 30 a major special discount on its Travel&Surf M and L roaming tariff packages available for use in the EU zone*. During the summer promotion the Travel&Surf M package costs HUF 1490 for three days and includes 100 MB data usage. The weekly charge of the Travel&Surf L package will be HUF 5990 during the campaign, and ensure 1 GB data usage.  (Further information and terms:

One does not have to go without the net during travels or vacations abroad if using Telekom's roaming tariff packages. Costs can be calculated in advance with the help of the favourably priced packages, there is no charge for overuse**, so we can use our phone as we like abroad for browsing, which can be useful in finding local places and enables us to share experiences immediately. Everybody can find the arrangement best suited to their travel among the Travel&Surf roaming data tariff packages upon considering the time and data amount they contain.

Roaming data tariff packages can be selected by any smartphone, tablet, laptop or notebook. If the customer has not chosen any roaming package prior to departure, a service choice site will automatically appear when accessing the internet for the first time through the browser. Accessing the data tariff package ordering site  ( from abroad is free of charge as well.

During the campaign Magyar Telekom renders the option of using the discount Travel&Surf data packages available to all its residential and SMB customers as well as to T-Systems Hungary’s enterprise customers if their agreement does not preclude the same. Those business customers who use specific roaming tariffs or packages customized to their personal needs may order the Travel&Surf tariff packages through their own customer portal, via the Customer Service or the contact person serving them.

In addition to this the new roaming discounts Telekom introduced on May 1 will continue to be available until August 31, 2015, which ensure discount calls during international travels within the EU zone* on top of an easy use of the internet. The EU Plus roaming discount offered free of charge to accompany the Next XL (and Next XL Gold Partner Card) tariff package for residential customers as well as the   Next Business M EU and Next Business XL EU tariff packages offered to small and medium business customers ensure free of charge roaming calls (initiation and receiving calls) and text messaging to domestic call numbers and call numbers of the country in the EU zone* where the customer happens to stay. At the same time a favourably priced roaming package is also available to accompany the smaller Next and Music tariff packages.

Changing roaming rates in the EU

As of July 1, 2015 – in accordance with the valid directive of the European Parliament and Council and due to the change in the exchange rate of the Euro there will be a change in the price of call initiation to HUF 72.8/minute and of receiving calls to HUF 19.1/minute among EU member states affecting the Domino Roaming, Domino Roaming Direct, Globetrotter EU, Mix Roaming and Mix Roaming Direct tariff packages. The fee for text messaging within EU will be HUF 23/message and HUF 76.6 /message for MMS, while data usage will be charged HUF 0.0748 /1 kB within EU. The amount of the limit in the World GPRS Limit package will change to HUF 19 170.

The change will not affect customers using some other roaming tariff package than the above (e.g. the Travel&Talk roaming tariff package or the business customers who use a differently priced roaming package than the above on the basis of their specific framework contract.

* In EU member states (with the exception of Hungary) and their colonies as well as in Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. The new roaming offers are available on the network of any roaming partner within the EU having a contract with Telekom.

** except for the World GPRS Limit package.