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Interactive, multi screen television services drive the TV market

Budapest, March 16, 2015 13:00

Fundamental changes are witnessed in the field of television service consumption patterns.  Increasingly more TV subscribers of the Telekom Group use IPTV the service – recognizing the interactive possibilities offered.

Almost half of the Telekom Group’s subscribers, that is 450 thousand customers subscribed for the Telekom IPTV service, equaling a 14 percent growth versus the customer number of last year.Although the majority of TV viewers still watch films and series on large screens more often, however substantial interest shows also for TV GO, the multi screen service offered by Telekom.  Increasingly more people recognize the advantages of watching TV on internet, following their favourite programs using other terminals (smartphone, tablet, etc.) even away from home, at a time of their choice. More than 100 thousand customers registered, and every day more than 50 thousand subscribers use the TV GO service – available to Telekom TV subscribers free of charge, without paying any extra fee.

Beside the existing features of interactive TV – stoppable and rewindable live programs, electronic program guide, programmable recording, pictures and music applications, Videotéka etc. – Magyar Telekom promises further developments in the field of TV services. The TV competence centre of Deutsche Telekom (located in Hungary) promises to introduce among others new TV service related novelties: a gaming platform equally available on web surfaces and on TV screens – enabling users to enjoy the games without having to buy expensive game consoles.Consequent to the renewed and increasing interest, the Telekom Group increased its market share in the TV market. The number of subscribers grew by 4.2 percent versus the similar period of last year: already more than 920 thousand subscribed for the TV service of the Group, resulting in a market share of 27.2 percent 1 and market leading position in the field of TV services.

More information and actual offers on TV services: www.telekom.huand

1) Based on the report of the National Media and Communication Authority, data concerning the whole Magyar Telekom Nyrt.