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„Best in Test”: Telekom's mobile Internet network is the frontrunner

Budapest, October 1, 2015 13:00

  • Close to the practically complete 4G coverage: residential outdoor coverage of the country's first 4G mobile internet network is 95% nationwide.
  • „Best in Test”: According to the measurements of the independent    P3 Communication consulting company, Telekom's 4G mobile internet network has scored the best combined test result both among Hungarian mobile service providers and in international terms in the area of voice and data services.
  • Telekom's 4G mobile internet network was placed first during the recent months according to the mobile net survey of Ookla Speedtest as well as according to the measurement results facilitated by NMHH (National Media and Infocommunications Authority).

As a result of MagyarTelekom's intensive mobile network development, the most advanced 4G mobile internet service has become available in more than 2400 settlements, and its residential outdoor coverage is already 95% nationwide, to be expanded to 97% i.e. practically complete by the end of the year.

Beside the dynamic increase in coverage, Telekom's broadband mobile internet network had the best test results in recent months in the course of independent international and national surveys and tests.

The certificate published online at by the independentP3 Communications 1 last month testifies that the „Best in Test“ seal was awarded to Magyar Telekom in the Mobile Benchmark Hungary 06/2015 survey, after having achieved the highest score of 895 points out of the maximum of 1000. P3 Communications conducted a comprehensive measurement encompassing a broad service spectrum of the currently operating mobile networks such as download and upload speed, call success or voice quality, with the purpose of assessing mobile network quality from the customer's viewpoint at the companies of Deutsche Telekom Group and their competitors. The 2G, 3G and 4G networks of the mobile operators have been tested in terms of both voice and data usage. According to the combined results, Magyar Telekom achieved the highest rating forboth voice and data mobile services in international terms too. The P3 certificate reveals the locations where the measurements were performed last June as well as the measured results of all three Hungarian mobile operators.

According to the results of yet another independent test, the Ookla­ 2 Speedtest for broadband networks, the data score of Telekom's mobile network has been consistently higher during the recent monthsthan that of the other two local operators, and what is more, it is based on customer experience as the users performed their own measurements and generated the data.

The results of the last 90 days’ aggregated speed tests conducted with measurement cars and published in the national Internet speed testing website launched by NMHH in August 2015 also demonstrate that Telekom's mobile network has achieved the highest 3G and 4G uploading and downloading speed and the shortest 4G response time (ping) among Hungary’s mobile service providers.

In addition to 4G coverage there has been a fast growth in the customer numbers too: since 4G mobile service was launched in January 2012, the number of Telekom's 4G network users has increased to more than 740 thousand. 4G data traffic has shown a permanent and steady increase since its launch and from July 2015 it has been exceeding the data traffic of the 3G broadband network, in operation for 10 years now. Contributing to all this is the fact that customers can select from Telekom's offering of 70 types of 4G enabled smart devices. The 4G enabled devices detect all 4G frequencies so that customers can fully exploit the advantages and service quality offered by 4G coverage. The best 4G experience may be completed by the selection of an appropriate tariff package along with a 4G enabled device over Telekom's 4G network.

4G/LTE technology was tested in Hungary first by Telekom in 2009. Following a 3 months' network testing with the involvement of users, Telekom's commercial 4G mobile service was introduced to market also as first in Hungary from January 1, 2012.

1) The P3 Group for international management consulting, support and engineering solutions has conducted benchmark measurements for years worldwide for major mobile operators, beside DT also for Vodafone and Orange. Its mobile network tests have become an industry standard in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well.

2) Ookla ( is the global leader in broadband testing and web-based network diagnostic applications.