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Telekom Electronic Beats Festival Budapest 2015

Budapest, September 7, 2015 14:00

  • Date: 16-17 October 2015
  • Main Acts: Âme, Bergi, Crimson, Fatima & The Eglo Live Band, Hercules & Love Affair, Howling, Iamyank, Kiasmos, Nina Kraviz, Nozinja, Omar Souleyman, S. Olbricht, Seres, Subotage, Ten Fé, Volkova Sisters
  • Telekom Electronic Beats Exhibition and daily special events
  • Tickets available here:

Electronic Beats, Telekom’s exclusive music program has played an important role in the music scene of many large cities all across Europe for over 15 years. This time the prestigious series returns with Telekom Electronic Beats Festival , a specially curated multi-day, multi-venue spectacle that is ready to take over whole cities. Budapest, right after Podgorica and Bucharest, is among the first to host this magical event on the 16th and 17th of October where fans of electronic music can lose themselves to a multitude of audio-visual experiences .

The main venues of the festival are Akvárium, A38 and Anker’t while various other daily special events are organized in collaboration with local communities. Said special events will be announced soon.

A38’s program will focus on the diverse forms of pop music. The bill features Hercules & Love Affair who are bound to rock the boat with their infectious grooves, Omar Souleyman, probably the only Syrian wedding singer that reached international reputation with his high energy songs, and Howling, the improbable duo of Australian folk singer and Berlin native producer. The line-up also includes the mature modern soul sounds of Floating Points’s label mate and collaborator, Fatima & The Eglo Live Band. On the other end of the spectrum, Nozinja will tear up the dancefloor with the Warp-compatible, streamlined, hyperactive South African folk music and the accompanying singing and dancing, while the duo of Ten Fé, the new faces of indie dance will showcase their new live show. Local artists are represented by Volkova Sisters who are mixing dark wave and shoegaze, whereas Seres and Bergi will present their extended dj sets.

Increasing the momentum after the concerts, Akvárium will host club nights featuring Nina Kraviz who quickly emerged from Siberia to become a popular techno producer and dj. The minimal techno duo of Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen also takes the stage with Kiasmos’s lavish soundscapes, while the appearance of melody driven techno’s most important artists, Âme is set to shake the crowd. The internationally renowned S. Olbricht will hopefully let us glance into his world of experimental techno, while Iamyank’s live performance presents his compositions in all their glory. Special dj sets will also come by way of local djs Crimson and Subotage who are to play throughout the rest of the two nights.

Another key spot of Telekom Electronic Beats Festival is Anker’t which receives the Telekom Electronic Beats Exhibition. Connecting contemporary music, fine arts and technology, this space will showcase the work of Berlin art collective flora&faunavisions entitled Floating Sound. Guests are welcome to try out the interactive audio-visual installation, or lay back at the dedicated lounge area also situated at Anker’t.

The get-together of local artists and international musicians at Budapest’s cult venues will undoubtedly result in a vibrant event that brings the city together even more. This experience is undoubtedly set to become one of the highlights of 2015 making Telekom Electronic Beats Festival another memorable event to remember.

Electronic Beats:

Established in 2000, Electronic Beats is the international music marketing program of Deutsche Telekom and features a broad and innovative media portfolio, including live events across Europe. Readers can discover pioneering music journalism in the quarterly award-winning Electronic Beats Magazine as well as at The online offers also include EB.RADIO, a 24/7 radio channel of streaming and downloadable podcasts, and the video channel EB.TV, where users can delve into live festival footage, artist interviews and the weekly Slices show.


Friday 16 Oct, Saturday 17 Oct @ Anker‘t
Telekom Electronic Beats Exhibition (open from 2pm)

Friday 16 Oct @ A38
Omar Souleyman, Hercules & Love Affair, Fatima & The Eglo Live Band, Volkova Sisters, Bergi (DJ)

Friday 16 Oct @ Akvarium
Nina Kraviz, Subotage, S. Olbricht

Saturday 17 Oct @ A38
Ten Fé, Nozinja, Howling, Seres (DJ)

Saturday 17 Oct @ Akvarium
Kiasmos, Âme, Iamyank live band, Crimson (DJ)

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  • A38 hajó: Budapest, Petőfi bridge, Buda Side
  • Akvárium Klub: Erzsébet tér, Budapest, H-1051
  • Anker’t: Paulay Ede u. 33., Budapest, H-1061

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