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Can you foresee the future of the smart era? Sign up!

Budapest, August 10, 2016 11:00

Telekom organizes its sustainability day for the 9 th time. This year’s event will take place on September 24 in the Akvárium Club of Budapest.

Telekom welcomes applications of filmmakers, graphic designers, performers – amateurs and professionals alike – judged by a prestigious jury. The central topic of the 9 th Sustainability Day is the smart era, its chances and influences on our future. Experts participating in the talks will address topics like smart environment protection, conscious economy and society. They will also pose the question: are we smarter today than we were 5 years ago?

On the occasion of the 9 th Sustainability Day, Telekom – as usual – calls for applications once again. Applicants are welcome to submit their work in three different categories. The organizers welcome 1- to 3-minute short films, music or slam, as well as other creative solutions (photographs, paintings, graphics, flash mobs…) related to the topic of the smart era. Whether it is politics, finances, privacy or a simple app, do we take the trouble to check them out and change? Or do we just choose not to understand them at all? Community initiatives, smart solutions, generational differences, privacy uploaded to the cloud? – These are the questions the organizers of the 9 th Sustainability Day are waiting the answers to under the slogan “there is no more I don’t know…”.

Members of the professional jury are Anna Pásztor (singer, performer, actress, dancer), Gábor Rohonyi (director), Csaba Szegedi (colorist, professor at MOME) and Katalin Szomolányi (senior organizer of the Sustainability Day).

Announcement of the results and the award ceremony for the best works will take place at the end of the day. The best works selected by the jury will be presented in Akvárium Club. Visitors of the 9 th Sustainability Day are welcome to vote for the People's Choice Award by voting for the work they like the most.

The event is topped with concerts and an exciting after party.

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