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When is the best time to call your customers? - Artificial intelligence can help to answer this question

Budapest, December 12, 2016 18:00

This weekend Telekom organized the Leading Data Hackathon developer contest with the total prize of two and a half million HUF where everything was revolving over Big Data (huge data pools). The participants were given an anonymized customer database comprised of 150.000 lines and based on this database they had to create apps in “data visualization”, “data representation interface”, and “database apps” categories. There were 25 contesting teams of 80 university students and Big Data experts.  One of the category winners provides a solution for Telekom to avoid calling customers with marketing offers at inconvenient times.

In the last 15 years the fixed line and mobile network infrastructures have been continuously expanding while there is a revolutionary increase of the number of equipment connected to the network through sensors and various applications. A huge amount of data is generated on a daily basis that requires stronger technologies and devices that can cope with the task of storing and processing this bulk amount of data. As a joint effect of these factors new business applications have been created on the basis of the data that collect and analyze information on a given enterprise or institution thereby helping to understand the day-to-day business activities from a new perspective. From the view of corporate and organizational competitiveness Big Data solutions, focusing on the interpretation and re-use of company and institutional data, are becoming increasingly important.

“We would like to become a key player of the Hungarian Big Data ecosystem and this is why it is important for us to provide an opportunity for data experts to meet each other at inspiring events, like this year’s Hackathon. During this weekend's contest we saw numerous very high quality solutions that the company would like to develop further” - said Mátyás Dobó, Magyar Telekom’s product development director.

The participants were given the data at the beginning of the contest and they had to prepare their solution within 24 hours. The winners of the categories were given 500.000 HUF whereas the second place was awarded with 200.000 HUF. Those who won the special awards were given 100.000 HUF.  The jury was comprised of experts from Telekom, T-Systems Hungary, Eötvös Loránd University and Kitchen Budapest. The event was organized at the MOSAIK Startup Hub.

The awardees were as follows:

  • The first prize of the data visualization category went to the 4-member Déta team that beautifully modeled in a dashboard interface where it is worthwhile to open a new shop. The user interface shows where the target group is located and the location of shops which are easily accessible for the given target group. The team was also given the special award for “the most creative involvement of additional data sources”.
  • The second place of the category was given to the 2-member  Titz&Sux team that displayed in very spectacular infographics how inbound-outbound SMS messages are responded to by different age groups.
  • The first prize of the data-based applications category was given to the Dinamic duó team that created a solution for Telekom to avoid calling their customers with marketing offers at inconvenient times. The application shows whether it is convenient to call the customer with a color code.
  • The second place was given to the Veszélyes (Dangerous) team that created an application that helps using the internet and show the best-highest bandwidth with the help of a heat map. If bandwidth is not enough at the given place, e.g. at a festival, users can purchase higher bandwidth for a couple of hundreds of HUF.
  • The first prize in the “creation of data presentation interface category” was given to the Vizarts team that simplified Telekom’s system of offers to show maximum 5 customized offers per customer.
  • The second best team was the Data Ninjas team that created a geolocation marketing solution with the goal to promote puechases. With the use of the application customers would receive messages based on their location, e.g. where they could buy coffee at the discount price. §  Besides Déta two other teams are also given a special prize of 100.000 HUF. The best business model special prize was given to Optimism under uncertainty team that created a dynamically changing tariff scheme on the basis of social media sharing which is built on the change of minutes fees. Within the application dashboard one may follow average usage, peak times and expected peak times outside of which users are charged a lower minute fee.
  • The third special prize was given to the DataLens team that created a dating application, called Connect, that groups people based on Point of Interest data and shows where people with similar interests are located nearby the user. The award of the audience was given to an entertaining game, created by the Big Data Principium team, where users try to find out answers to questions related to Telekom calls and customers.