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Magyar Telekom joins Díjnet's electronic bill payment system

Budapest, January 7, 2016 11:00

As part of the process of streamlining its product portfolio Magyar Telekom will terminate its Távszámla electronic bill presentation and payment (EBPP) service as of April 8, 2016 and at the same time it will join as a bill issuer the EBPP system of market leader Díjnet Zrt. According to the agreement of the two service providers Díjnet is going to provide subsequently the EBPP service to all Magyar Telekom Távszámla users concerned as well as to Távszámla users of service providers (E.ON, Tigáz, DRV) offering currently Távszámla service. 

Telekom customers may continue to manage and pay their bills online in the future as well at the website or with the help of Telekom application downloadable free of charge and using their smart devices, as well as through the EBPPsystem of our new partner Díjnet, which similarly to Távszámla, enables bill management and payment electronically via the Internet. Telekom will directly inform its customers and business partners concerned regarding the change and necessary actions.

Management of bills of service providers offering currentlyTávszámla service (E.ON, Tigáz and DRV) will also discontinue on the Távszámla website due to service termination as of April 8, 2016. Those service providers will send information directly to their customers concerned regarding the future management of their bills.

Currently registered Távszámla users may provide their statement from January 7  to April 7, 2016, i.e. for three months on the website whether they intend to use Díjnet's service, and they will also have the possibility to register to Díjnet's system comfortably by just a couple of clicks.

By choosing Díjnet users will be able to access comfortably and online even after April 8 their earlier (covering last 14 months) and new Telekom bills from their computer or mobile device via Díjnet's website and pay them as well using their bank card, with Internet or ad hoc bank transfer or permanent payment order as well as the iCsekk application downloadable free of charge. Apart from Telekom, the bills of further 24 service providers can be managed at one place in Díjnet's system. Further details are available online at

If the user fails to provide a statement related to future bill management, Telekom’s residential and mobile bills will be available after April 8, 2016 only at the website due to Távszámla termination. Customers will be able to pay their Telekom bills there the usual way through bank transfer or Telekom quick payment. By setting up their own Telekom account, customers can manage their fixed line, mobile and business Telekom subscriptions alike using a single user ID. More detailed information regarding the management of the invoices of energy, business and other service providers is available at the website.