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Significant developments also on the Budapest fixed line network of Telekom

Budapest, July 11, 2016 16:00

In the frame of the nationwide fixed line network modernization program, Magyar Telekom implements substantial developments in numerous districts of Budapest:

  • Consequent to the development started last year, Telekom’s high speed, broadband internet service becomes and/or became available in Angyalföld (13th district) to 68 thousand, while in Csepel (21st district) to 8700 households.
  • In the first half of 2016 in Kőbánya (10th district) 1400 households were effected by the development.
  • In June the network modernization also started in the 12th district of Budapest. Construction works will be phased in the district, the first few hundred households can already enjoy services based on fast internet from September 2016, with the new network gradually becoming available in a larger area. By year end 2016 the company plans to make the Telekom broadband network available in 10 thousand households, totaling almost 17 covered households by the summer of 2017.
  • Developments started last year in Zugló (14th district) and in Újbuda (11th district) also continue, by the end of the summer 22 thousand households in Zugló, and altogether more than 10 thousand in Újbuda can enjoy the new Telekom service quality – while in addition, significant network capability improvement is also expected in the second half of 2016 in certain parts of Óbuda (3rd district) and Józsefváros (8th district).
  • In the summer developments will be completed in the settlements of Pilisborosjenő, Biatorbágy and Törökbálint – as well as in their agglomeration.

Resulting from the developments, customers can enjoy higher transmission speeds and a faster internet. This offers more simple communication, fast and secure picture and video download and sharing. Consequent to the modernization subscribers are offered a wider TV channel assortment, as well as video film rental available on multiple screens. New services will also become available – including numerous existing features of interactive TV becoming also available in these settlements, including the pause and rewind functions of watching TV, programmable recording of programs with touching a single button, digital electronic program guide, as well as versatile online applications available on the TV screen.

Last year Telekom accelerated the development of its high speed broadband fixed network, and consequently made access with at least 30 Mbps transmission speed available in further 464 thousand households, all around Hungary. This year the company plans to cover another 500 thousand households with internal funding, of which by the end of June more than 400 thousand were covered. Therefore, the high speed broadband internet is currently available in altogether more than 2.5 million households on the Telekom network.