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Roaming like at home

Budapest, March 31, 2016 16:00

Here is the new business Next Business Comfort offer from Telekom

From now on, you can use your mobile either for phoning or surfing in the European Union 1 , just like at home

With the Next Business Comfort M tariff packages, you are granted unlimited phone use not only to home, but also to the EU member country where you actually are

Subscribers of the Next Business Comfort tariff package launched tomorrow can obtain first hand experience about new levels of mobility, freedom, and optionally even unlimited use. From tomorrow on, business customers of Telekom may actually be either in Hungary or abroad, they won’t need to think much about managing their work duties, as by subscribing to a single tariff package they will be granted the opportunity to handle business matters using their mobile devices under the same conditions both in Hungary and abroad within EU.

The Hungarian Infocommunications Report has revealed that the use of mobile phones abroad – as a result of globalization and the reducing roaming tariffs – continues to increase. In the meantime, Hungarian entrepreneurs traveling abroad still consider themselves strongly restricted in the use of their mobile devices.

- According to our experience, still a significant part of our business subscribers traveling abroad either for business purposes or for holiday keep their telephones switched on, but refrain themselves from using any service until they get home. We sincerely hope that from now on this is over! – emphasized Péter Lakatos, Telekom Chief Officer SMB.

By introducing the new line of Next Business Comfort tariff packages, Telekom – in addition to dramatically increasing carefree mobile use of its customers – grants that more than 1 year before the mandatory legal regulation effective as of June 2017, it allows business customers to make their phone calls and use the internet in the territory of the European Union at their home tariffs.

From tomorrow on, entrepreneurs will not have to stop their business activities or communications when crossing the borders, as with the Next Business Comfort M tariff package they can initiate unlimited number of calls and send text messages from home or EU countries to home numbers of calling directions of the EU member country they are actually in. Furthermore, they do not have to worry about surfing and mailing via their phones, as the data volume included in the package can be used both in the EU and Hungary. This offers a great deal of freedom to business customers of Telekom, as they won’t have to refrain from using their phones during business trips or holidays: they can call back their clients, reply to their emails and won’t need to worry about sharing their summer experience on the internet.

The Next Business Comfort M package offered by Telekom as of April 1 st can be subscribed to for only 8653 HUF (gross 10 990 HUF) per month. The number of airtime minutes included in the monthly fee is unlimited both home and in EU roaming situation. (The indicated price is valid in case of multiple Next Business Comfort M subscriptions starting from the 4 th SIM card per subscription, with parallel e-Pack discount and 500 MB mobile internet.)

Additional members of the Next Business Comfort package family are the Next Business Comfort 150, which includes 150 minutes for monthly 4390 HUF (5575 HUF with VAT included) both home and in EU roaming situation. The third package is the Next Business Comfort S for 8290 HUF (10 528 HUF with VAT included) per month, offering unlimited number of minutes within the Telekom network and to fixed direction, plus 150 minutes to all other directions both home and in EU roaming situation. All prices are provided with business e-Pack discount.

All of the above packages include 500 MB data volume, but of course 2, 7, 12 and 25 GB data volumes can also be chosen for a higher monthly fee, which volume – just like voice – can be used both home and in the territory of the EU.

Magyar Telekom has offered favorable roaming packages to be used in the countries of the European Union (Travel&Surf, EU Plus and EU 100 options) that provide carefree phoning and surfing to its customers also during their travel abroad, and with the help of which customers may safely keep their data traffic under control while abroad. This latest offer is a new step on the way towards decreasing roaming fees likely to be followed by others available not only for business customers.

The above information on the offer is not complete: SMB customers of Telekom may obtain information regarding the detailed conditions on the page.