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Magyar Telekom has delivered the first new generation broadband network built from EU funds

Budapest, July 25, 2017 13:00

Magyar Telekom has delivered the first broadband fixed network in Gödre, a locality with 400 households in the Hegyhát district of Baranya County, that was built with the use of European Union funds, awarded last year. Prior to this the village only had a copper network but thanks to the development and the cutting edge Gigabit-capable optical network now Telekom’s 1000 Mpbs NetMánia 1000  1 service is available in Gödre as well.

As it is known in the autumn of 2016 Magyar Telekom and its consolidated subsidiaries were awarded with 12,2 billion HUF EU funds at Group level for 46 districts in the first two rounds (western and eastern part of Hungary) of the application for funds for the development of at least 30 Mbps fixed line network. Until the end of 2018 at least 30 Mbps access will be available in approximately 111 thousand new households from the above-mentioned funds and the related significant amount of own resources (out of which the company was awarded to connect 2400 households in the form of a consortium). These households are located in the so-called white areas where none of the operators had been present with fixed line internet services or did not offer min. 30 Mbps fixed line internet access. 

With the use of the funds Telekom builds an access network in almost 600 settlements and installs more than 800 km area optical network until the end of 2018. In the first half of the year the projects mainly worked on the design, preparation and initial investment tasks. In the case of more than 120 projects the building permit plans have been completed and the construction activity can start in the near future - or in some cases it has been started already. Currently the network building activity is performed in 11 districts where public areas are involved and this number is expected to be doubled this summer.  In the autumn Telekom will put the new super high speed fixed line network into operation in another dozen small settlements in the countryside.

As a result of the development the coverage of countryside regions with broadband services will improve thereby the digital divide is further reduced between less and more developed areas. Newly connected households will be able to enjoy the advantages of broadband internet thus the quality of life of citizens and the competitiveness of enterprises can both improve.  

This year Magyar Telekom will also continue its self-financed developments that were started last year. Thanks to the intense network development efforts of the company within two years (2015-16) another 1 million household will have access to at least 30 Mbps network speed. The objective for this year is to cover another 270 thousand households and the time-proportionate completion of the project is promising: until the end of June more than 150 thousand new households have been connected to the new generation network, one third of which is Gigabit-capable optical access. In the first half of the year Telekom completed developments in Törökbálint, Érsekvadkert, Kiskunmajsa, Hajdúnánás and several districts of Budapest. The development continues in district XII (the goal is to cover 20 thousand new households) and the construction work started in district II as well (where the objective is to cover 15 thousand households).

1) In the case of the NetMánia 1000 fee package the offered download speed is 1000 Mbps, and the offered upload speed is 200 Mbps. The guaranteed download speed is 300 Mbps, wile the guaranteed upload speed 50 Mbps.