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Share and donate: Telekom introduces sharing based charity

Budapest, December 4, 2017 15:00

Similar to recent years, Telekom jointly with members of the Sustainability Media Club organized its charity cookie event in December of this year, as well. However, this time one can not only joint the initiative supporting Autistic Art by sending photos about cookies – any memories shared on Insta is worth HUF 100.

Telekom extends the scope of its charity campaign organized in recent years under the theme of Christmas cookies and also simplifies the way to donate: on the token of eliminating limits, every photo taken and shared on Instagram  under hashtag #mindenkibelead between December 2 and January 2 contributes to the Autistic Art Foundation.

All one needs to do is take a photo of Grandma’s cookies for example, or our own handmade delicacies, about Christmas moments – practically about any personal moments – and post it as outlined above. Telekom transfers HUF 100 to the foundation upon receiving every such photo.

Those with more conservative taste can also choose from among electronic postcards, made by Telekom associates about their own home made cookies. These cards – praising the work of foodstylist Petrovics György and food photographer Szendeff Lőrinc – are available between December 11 and 26 under the site:ácsony. There is not too much to do here either: choose one or more postcards, provide the addressee and click the send icon. Telekom transfers HUF 100 to the Autistic Art Foundation upon each Christmas greeting cards sent.

„The money collected in this promotion is contributed to developing the homes maintained for young people living with autism. We assist them to overcome their limitation, and to find alternative communication methods like art therapy, or solutions offered by modern technology and applications. We are pleased to work for achieving this objective jointly with our traditional partners, the members of the Sustainability Media Club also this year.” – said Szabó Béla, communication director of the Telekom Group.

It is worth to personally visit the Telekom shops in December: visitors are welcome with ginger bread on December 2-3, on 9-10 as well as on 16-17 in the frame of the Connection  Program. Upon each device (telephone, TV, tablet and laptop) sold on these days  Telekom donates another HUF 100 to Autistic Art.