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Domino numbers are not lost: a chance for those who are late to register. Telekom’s Domino customers who do not register by the deadline can still get back their numbers and balances after June 30.

Budapest, June 28, 2017 15:30

Under the relevant law, Domino contracts of customers who fail to register their data by midnight on June 30 shall become void with effect from July 01. From that point on, these customers cannot initiate or receive calls with the exception of emergency calls and ones made to Telekom’s +36-80-630-045 data registration number. However, Telekom offers an option to its customers who, for some reason, fail to register in time: these Domino customers can get back their original numbers and remaining balance under a new contract.

In order to facilitate the above, Telekom shall send out SMS codes to all Domino SIM cards not registered by Friday, June 30. With that code, customers can conclude their new contracts online with their original numbers by September 30, 2017, or do the same in person at any of the Telekom shops or by calling the +36-80-630-045 number.

„As required by the law, our customers had to register their data within a short period of time. We appreciate their cooperation in the process. Our goal is to ensure that not a single one of them lose their phone number, and we trust that the option we offer to keep their numbers and balances will be the solution for those who could not register their data by the deadline.” – said Magyar Telekom’s Residential Services CCO, Tibor Rékasi.

Telekom gears up its capacities for the expected increased number of customer contacts during the following few days: even though shops will be open for the regular hours on Friday, June 30 and in the period following the expiry of the deadline, an increased number of personnel and many volunteer colleagues will be on board, and more operators will be available to answer the calls received through the +36-80-630-045 number dedicated for the registration process.

What should be done, if you did not register in time, but want to keep your phone number?
Using the code sent to the customers by SMS, they can conclude new contracts with their original numbers online, on the site from July 05 through September 30. Conclusion of such a contract is subject to the required registration of one’s data. When registering their data online, customers need to present their SMS codes, which are used for identification purposes. Their previously selected services and additional options (e.g. data package, Domino MOST) are not included automatically in their new contracts, but their balance will be available under the new contracts. With the new subscription, their SIM cards will be activated within 72 hours and with their old phone numbers. They can also conclude the new contracts in person or via telephone between July 01 and September 30. To speed things up, it is advisable to have the SMS codes handy.