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Freedom of choice extended in the Magenta 1 package

Budapest, September 5, 2017 11:00

From September 4, 2017 Telekom introduces the integrated Magenta 1 package with even more favorable terms and even more tailored to customer needs. First introduced 2 years ago and by now having almost 150 thousand subscribers, Magenta 1 offers the very best of Telekom’s services: mobile telephone, fixed line telephone for home, fixed line internet and TV. Reacting to the different communication habits of young people, from now on – as a replacement for the fixed line telephone - Telekom enables subscribers to choose more or even unlimited data traffic within the tariff package.

Numerous researches verify that the communication habits of generation Y substantially differ from elder generations. Last year’s findings of the Telekom Market Share research revealed that 95 percent of the „turn-of-the-millennium generation” (young adults born between 1980 and 1995) own mobile phones. A bit more than 80 percent of them use smartphones and nine out of ten use the net every day.

The majority of generation Y would not fancy spending a single day or even a single night without their phones and internet access. Their life is about mobility and their communication devices are much more connected to them, as opposed to their place of residence or the location where they stay at any given time.

„By regularly assessing our researches and the feedback from customers we are determined to tailor our portfolio to meet the constantly changing needs. Therefore we make the highly popular Magenta 1 package with favorable terms even more tailored: from now on Magenta 1 subscribers can choose a higher or even unlimited mobile data package, as a replacement of the fixed line telephone” – said Rékasi Tibor, chief officer of Magyar Telekom, responsible for residential services.

The new offer primarily targets young people, enabling subscribers to maintain fixed line internet with minimum 100 Mbps data speed, HD quality family TV channel assortment and the mobile telephone package of their choice, by replacing the fixed line telephone with more or even unlimited mobile internet.

What extra benefit is offered to Magenta 1 customers?
Choosing either the fixed line voice service or extended mobile data quota, Magenta 1 customers are offered further benefits. Using the Family mobile option family members can also call each other free of charge when staying abroad. The extra mobile handset subsidy of up to HUF 36,000 offers a substantial discount when buying even the most sophisticated telephone. Magenta 1 subscribers can use TV GO without paying any surcharge for the data used – furthermore the subscribers replacing the fixed line telephone service with a mobile internet data package of at least 10GB are eligible for discount of another HUF 2,000 from the monthly fee.

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