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Telekom is offering gigabit speed for more than 1.7 million homes and businesses – from September via most parts of the cable network, in addition to optical connections

Budapest, September 5, 2019 10:00

  • Telekom will double the download speed, offered by the largest possible internet package available so far on the cable network, for relevant inhabitants.
  • With this, the Telekom network offers already more than 1.7 million gigabit speed accesses on the optical and cable networks, i.e. gigabit speeds are available for one third of Hungarian households and businesses.
  • Between 2014 and 2018, the company spent close to 240 billion HUF in Hungary on the development of the fixed and mobile network infrastructure.
  • The long term objective of Magyar Telekom is to provide gigabit network capability nationwide.

Magyar Telekom constantly develops its fixed network in order to provide the most possible services to customers in the best possible quality. On that note, the company is introducing the DOCSIS 3.1 standard in its cable network, which will ensure gigabit download speed for the customers. The development is relevant to most parts of the cable network, currently provides the benefits of higher speed for households in various regions of the country, at 650 access points. In the future, Telekom will further improve its gigabit cable network coverage.

„For years, we have engaged vast resources in the development of our fixed and mobile networks, in order to ensure the availability of a state of the art infrastructure in Hungary. The recent development allows for offering extra fast internet to our customers via another new technology. We cannot stop here, in the long run, our objective is to construct gigabit networks in the whole of the country, continuously replacing copper networks“ – said Tibor Rékasi, CEO of Magyar Telekom.

From September 2, Telekom provides a twice as fast as before, new fixed internet package, with up to 1 Gbps download speed, for the customers. In addition to this extra fast internet, IPTV and fixed voice services can also be used via the cable network.

Thanks to the intensive network development of the past years, the Telekom network provides gigabit speed, altogether at more than 1.7 million access points, which represents one third of households and businesses in Hungary. In areas, covered with optical technology an internet package 1 withup to 2 Gbps download speed can be offered - which is the highest speed available on the residential market today. The benefits offered by the optical network are not only available for city dwellers, but also for the inhabitants of 400 settlements, with a population of less than 5000, what’s more, half of these are small settlements with less than 1000 inhabitants.

Building upon the results of the network development, Magyar Telekom provides inspiration for more awareness in using the internet, in its campaign, whose main message is: Be ready for action, use the opportunities offered by digitalization, give meaning to unlimited internet by consciously using the network of actions(Tettek Hálózata)! The campaign, running on several platforms, using multiple devices, deals with phenomena, connected to internet use, such as like and content dependence, fake news and cyberbullying.


1) In case of the NET 2000/1000 tariff package, the offered download/upload speed is 2000/1000 Mbps. The guaranteed download/upload speed is 300/50 Mbps. The maximum download speed can be achieved by concurrently using several devices.