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Green option offered by carbon-neutral Telekom to protect the Earth

Budapest, January 30, 2020 12:00

Magyar Telekom Group was the first large enterprise in Hungary and one of the first among leading European telcoes to become fully carbon-neutral in 2015, and it completed its fifth consecutive carbon-neutral year in 2019. Beyond its sustainability measures, the company has also enlisted its residential and business customers to be part of its climate protection efforts: by introducing its ExtraNet Green 1 GB data extension package, it enabled them to take action for the environment.

Being one of the largest employers in Hungary, Magyar Telekom Group is committed to and assumes responsibility for pursuing its operations, corporate governance processes and activities in general in the spirit of sustainability. Therefore, Telekom puts special emphasis on sustainability, including the importance of environment and climate protection. The Group’s operations turned carbon-neutral in 2015, and have remained so for the fifth consecutive year in 2019 partly due to the fact that the Company has further decreased its energy consumption, improved its energy efficiency, modernized its networks and data centers, as well as increased the ratio of hybrid and electric cars in its fleet. Telekom also uses wind and/or solar power to fuel several of its infrastructures, and gives preference to sustainable ICT products and services. The Company acquires 100% of its power consumed in Hungary from renewing sources, and neutralizes its emissions generated by fossil fuel consumption by supporting green projects.

In order to increase the volume of green energy generated by the Company, Telekom installed solar panels on the roofs of its training facilities in Budapest and at Szeged during the last two years, which enabled its employee to get involved as part of the community solar panel program, which by now also welcomes customers. The approximately 80,000 customers who subscribed to the ExtraNet Green 1 GB data extension option can continuously monitor online the volumes of energy generated by the solar panel system they support, as well as promote the installation of further solar panels, as Magyar Telekom plans to spend the revenue collected from them to mount additional solar panel systems.