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D aka digitalization plans from Telekom: easy to apply, practical help for the digital development of SMBs

Budapest, July 9, 2021 11:00

Under the name „D plan”, Telekom is launching a program on its Hello Business educational platform to help the digital development of SMBs. The epidemic showed that digitalization can not only be a way to become successful easier, but often it can be the only way: businesses today realize  how important digital tools, solutions are, although not all small businesses are certain about how to use them, and some are still reluctant to do so. With the help of the Telekom Hello Business D plans, businesses get easy to use, copyable practical guisance, already proven, ready made digital case studies, which are freely available to anyone, on the program website.

The fundamental idea behind the initiative is that all businesses can be digitalized. In this process we can get further with small steps as well, since you can always find more efficient digital methods, tools, to simplify and develop further – regardless of which industry you’re in .

The digital plans of businesses, i.e. the D plans, were developed to reply to actual customer expectations, and also to actual problems and issues small businesses are facing. All these were monitored by Telekom during the past years. A representative 1 survey prepared during the fall of 2020, upon the request of the company, shows for example that since the pandemic, customer have higher expectations for the digital presence of businesses, since they are looking for businesses more and more online, therefore, transparent and reliable presence on the web is of key importance when making a choice. A well working homepage, the availability of prices and contact info and ratings by other customers, is of great importance in judging a business – as it was demonstrated by the survey. With the now available practical guides, businesses can make these often tiny digitalization steps themselves, without outside help or even a major investment.

When designing the Telekom Hello Business digitalization program, the company, working together with Datalyze, mapped those areas, topics, which were the most interesting for SMBs recently on social media sites. The first 5 available areas, where help is provided by the D plans, were identified based on social media analyses repeatedly prepared by Datalyze since 2019, hence their selection was based on the activities of more than 65000 relevant users during the past two years. This year’s actual business issues were identified on the basis of the activities of 35000 users and more than 12 thousand posts analyzed on social media and websites.

The topics selected this way, such as launching a Facebook advertisement, writing efficient advertisement text, positioning within the online space,  search engine optimization or drawing up social marketing strategies, assigned experts provide practical help to businesses by giving a step by step demonstration for their digitalization. The available materials can further extended in the future, based on actual demand.

All Telekom Hello Business D plans are based on an existing, success story, from which anyone can draw some inspiration for the digital development of their own enterprise. The examples include already proven recipes for success using which a Hungarian business could step further in their business. The interested SMBs also receive additional digitalization plans, based on which – even by copying solutions of others, learning from them – they can improve their profitability with simple steps.

Telekom has long been a committed supporter of SMBs, through their Hello Business business development content, club and online communities, the company has for years been working on making convincing examples, best practices, proven digital solutions known for an ever wider circle. Additionally, the platform also offers actual information, inspiration materials for those willing to develop themselves, whether in actual tax issues, management skills development or even digital tips and tricks.

„We at Telekom believe that digitalization shall carry everyone forward and all businesses can be digitalized. That is why we launched our Telekom Hello Business D plan digitalization program, which provides easily customizable, practical help for SMBs.” - said Béla Szabó Telekom’s Brand and Commercial Communications Director.

1) in a survey of 800 respondents – representative of Hungarian internet users in terms of sex, age, education and type of residence – people between ages 18-65 were asked using an online survey form.