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Telekom TV: Telekom's brand new cloud-based TV platform introduces a real multi-screen and 4K experience on the service provider's gigabit network

Budapest, March 24, 2021 14:00

  • 4K quality and other, forward-looking options for home entertainment
  • Real-time and delayed TV content in one place
  • Real multi-screen experience with Android TV based SmartBox and Telekom TV GO

From March 23, 2021 Telekom will provide the TV service to new TV subscribers under the name of Telekom TV, with SmartBox, which is an Android TV system indoor unit.
Adapting to the changing content needs of its customers, in addition to the so far available TV services, Telekom, as the first domestic service provider, implements important innovation in the field of quality TV services with commercial 4K broadcasting and new, forward-looking options for home entertainment through the new SmartBox features. Customers will not only access real-time and delayed TV content from a single place, but they can also access them anywhere within Hungary, from multiple devices, provided they use the Telekom TV GO service too*. This is how the real multi-screen experience can be realized: one may continue watching a movie started on a given device on another one, without interruption.

“With our new TV platform, Telekom TV, we have taken a huge step towards providing an outstanding integrated experience in the Hungarian market for linear and on-demand based entertainment. We continuously develop our services so that we can always provide the best service to our customers in their homes with the tools of digitization. With the new Telekom TV the whole family can discover something new, may learn, be inspired, relax and thus be more confident and safe, even among the unpredictable circumstances. This is what we can do to make our subscribers winners in an ever-changing world” - said Melinda Szabó, Telekom’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Users can download various applications to their SmartBox from the Google Play Store (upon registering with a Google account), can play content on it from external media, and can also pair Bluetooth devices (e.g., headphones, controller) with it. With the Bluetooth remote control a voice-based search, which is also a new milestone in customer experience, has now become possible. 3 SmartBoxes can be requested for one subscription, out of which one comes together as default with the TV service, free of charge.

Compared to previous ones the Telekom TV subscription plans have not changed in terms of their content and monthly fee, only their names are different: Telekom TV Alap, Telekom TV Szuper Családi HD és Telekom TV Szuper Családi Mozi.
In order to use the SmartBox functions one needs a Telekom home internet service, as the new functions can be best used with Telekom’s gigabit internet plans. For users of home internet services with fiber and ED3 technology we offer the 4K mini-package, as a supplementary service, which will initially include Love Nature 4K and Eurosport 4K channels, but the channel portfolio will gradually expand in the future.

In addition to the Telekom TV service Telekom offers a new cloud-based recording option to its customers.** The Record&Go option provides 30 hours of recording - recordings can be stored for maximum 90 days - and 120 minutes of stopping within the current program. If you wish to record and store more content you can purchase the Record&Go Extra option for the basic package, which gives you +100 hours of storage space.
Further conditions for use and information can be found on Telekom’s website.

* Content owner restrictions may apply.
** The Record&Go option allows to record programs as permitted by content owners. Due to content owner restrictions the programs of a small number of channels can not be recorded. For specific channels, recordings can be stored for 30 or 60 days. Due to content owner restrictions in the case of some channels it is not possible to fast-forward and pause recordings and stopped broadcasts. More information on the terms and conditions of the specific channels are accessible on (