The Telekom BrandShop is now open open offering the company’s own brand of clothing

Budapest, March 2, 2023 12:30

This is an unusual approach in the world of brands. Telekom BrandShop has opened its virtual doors with a wide  offer. In addition to digital devices and services, the company's webshop now also offers its own brand clothing and accessories. BrandShop is Telekom's latest initiative to shape culture and create value.

As part of its employer branding strategy Telekom already made its own branded, custom-designed clothing and accessories available to its employees. The positive feedback and the "external" interest in quality products with the Telekom logo encouraged the company to open its BrandShop to a wider audience, where anyone can choose from a selection of men's and women's T-shirts, socks, bags, sportswear and other exciting accessories.

"For Telekom BrandShop is not a business initiative in the first place, but rather a culture-shaping and value creating effort. We would like to break away from the common perception that companies are almost ashamed of their brand, or at least shy about how their brand is presented. The creation of BrandShop - which is neither a gift shop nor a fashion store by idefinition, like the LoveMagenta concept implemented by Deutsche Telekom - demonstrates our unusual approach to being proud of a brand that has been serving its customers for more than a decade," said Béla Szabó, Telekom's Director of Brand and Retail Communications.



Besides own designs the company also offers - occasionally - unique products created together with other Hungarian brands: for example, Tisza's limited edition magenta shoes are already available in the BrandShop.

BrandShop launches a new collection in every quarter to renew the entire product range, with the exception of the best selling products. However, it is not only worth visiting the webshop at the change of the seasonal items, as from time to time the shop has special surprises.

Telekom's BrandShop is now available on the website.