A new music studio opens in Debrecen with the support of Telekom

Budapest, March 7, 2023 16:30

Music Lab, Debrecen's newest music studio, will launch on March 11. Serious gear and an inspiring environment awaits talented young people and aspiring musicians. Those interested can pick up some DJ-ing tricks, learn everything about songwriting, and at the opening, they can also meet accomplished musicians such as Hundred Sins and Barbara Schoblocher, the lead singer of Blahalouisiana.

Kraftlab, a free creative space for young people, was opened by Telekom in Debrecen a year and a half ago. The initiative, which proved to be extremely successful, has become the home of budding podcasters and videographers and operates with full houses. That is why Telekom decided to expand the venue with a well-equipped music studio, and thus also the opportunities for young people. You’ll find professional gear in the new studio; two record players, a mixer, an analog synthesizer and a drum machine await those who want to make music. They can be used free of charge, you just need to make an appointment online.

The founders of Music Lab also organize exciting programs and workshops for interested young musicians. At the opening on March 11, well-known Hungarian artists await those interested; among others, Barbara Schoblocher, the frontwoman of Blahalouisiana, who shares her thoughts on songwriting, and solo singer Böbe records one of her new songs for her upcoming album on the spot, in front of an audience.

"We live in a world where we have access to almost all information, so I have no secrets. I will gladly pass on all my knowledge to enthusiastic young people." said Hundred Sins, who will also participate in the event. The producer, accompanied by his friends, shows how a completely new song is created.The internationally recognized techno producer, CVRDWELL, is preparing with analog synths, LAU and LavaLava founder Máté Tollner, aka Tolo, will teach the crowd to DJ."I accepted to appear in the workshop because 15 years ago it would have been good for me too, if I could have learned a thing or two from more experienced colleagues within an organized framework. In addition to transferring technical knowledge, it is also useful if the up-and-coming DJs have an opportunity to ask their career-related questions from those who are already ahead of them in the field," stated Tolo.

The detailed program is available on the Facebook page of the event:
The organizers are also preparing with an after party in the Water Tower, where, among others, the musicians holding the workshop will perform from 9 p.m.: