Wholesale broadband cable bitstream access service

Magyar Telekom’s wholesale broadband cable bitstream access service is a bidirectional high-speed broadband access service based on Magyar Telekom’s _HFC network between network aggregation point (CMTS) and enduser’s equipment (cablemodem) and Magyar Telekom’s Ethernet, IP network technology.

Strengths of the service

  • cost-efficient broadband technology
  • choice of bandwidths: 1 Mbps – 80 Mbps download rate
  • predictable, economic operation
  • short market entry time: telecommunications background is provided by Magyar Telekom
  • wide continuously growing geographical coverage
  • possibility of settlement based on usage (volume)

This service is offered to partner providers who want to sell the service to their subscribers under an own brand name in combination with own products.

Other elements of the service:

Partner Provider access package: in addition to the wholesale broadband cable bitstream access service it includes the charge per fibre subscriber of transporting traffic between the CMTS traffic concentration center and the partner provider’s premises in Budapest.

Table of BW portfolio

  Rate (bps) Up Down
U1 package Guaranteed 64k 160k
Maximum 128k 1280k
U2 package Guaranteed 64k 160l
Maximum 256k 2048k
U4 package Guaranteed 96k 256k
Maximum 256k 4480k
U8 package Guaranteed 192k 480k
Maximum 1024k 8096k
N5 package Guaranteed 192k 500k
Maximum 500k 5M
N15 package Guaranteed 400k 1,5M
Maximum 1M 15M
N25 package Guaranteed 1M 4M
Maximum 5M 25M
N50 package Guaranteed 1M 8M
Maximum 5M 50M
N80 package Guaranteed 1M 16M
Maximum 5M 80M

Magyar Telekom’s contractual offer for Wholesale broadband cable bitstream access service is available among the related documents. (only in Hungarian)

For further information contact Magyar Telekom’s Wholesale Sales area.