DOLPHIN Award 2011

An Award for a Committed, Sustainable, Innovative Generation
Granted to the most sustainable vendors of Magyar Telekom

True to our tradition Magyar Telekom recognised in 2011 as well our suppliers that play an outstanding role in the field of sustainability. The DOLPHIN - Award (the title of which is the acronym of the Hungarian equivalents of Award for a Committed, Sustainable, and Innovative Generation) has been awarded for the fourth time in four categories. The awards were presented by Éva Somorjai, chief human resources officer and executive responsible for sustainability at the company, Nóra Oláh, procurement director and members of the jury. Members of the jury were: Ernő Simon (former chief editor of Figyelő), Dr. György Pataki (Budapest Corvinus University), Péter Bodó (the Society of Conscious Customers) and Katalin Szomolányi (Magyar Telekom). The hand over took place during the 12th Sustainability Round Table Discussion.

The winner of the "Support of equal opportunity and promotion of non-discrimination inside and outside the company" category was the Eurest Restaurant Operating Ltd. Equal opportunity is of great importance in the firm's internal operating processes, which is confirmed by the fact that they employ a high rate of women, people with diminished ability to work, people over 45 years of age, part-time employees and roma people.
They also communicate the importance of equal opportunities and social sensitivity to their customers. In an event held last year at Magyar Telekom's Infopark Restaurant all guests were given an earplug and could use sign language to communicate what they wanted to have for lunch that day. Several sign language interpreters were also available to help them to sign the food they selected.

Cisco Systems Magyarország Kft. came out first in the "Innovation realized in the interest of sustainability" category. In their entry paper they introduced their VideoGate service with which they ensure the establishment of affordable and profitable business level TelePresence and video conference connections for their customers, which can be used not only within companies, but also to access via the Internet other companies/organisations using standard technology. VideoGate helps companies save their time and costs of travel, and in the meantime it provides them real competitive advantage in using their personnel efficiently. Cisco, in addition, prepared free-of-charge web applications with the help of which a company's CO2 footprint can be calculated.

Green Living Hungary Ltd. won the award in the "Sustainability education and awareness raising" category. The firm offers environment friendly products for responsible companies for promotional and marketing purposes. Their residential business unit operates Hungary's largest eco-web store ( and shop. They have set up a green workplace for their employees and the ecological footprint has been minimized in the retail section. They constantly pursue their awareness shaping activity among their customers and partners through lectures, consulting, information material, ecology tests, and through their products and events.

Tonic Budapest Ltd. has been the best in the "Investment and development related to climate protection" category.
The firm's scope of activity covers from the visual and verbal design of various advertising tools through the programming of online equipment to the implementation of the most state-of-the-art experience marketing events.
They have built an environmental friendly office block operated with a geothermal heat-pump system. The offices operate 100% on renewable energy with 0 hazardous waste emission. In addition they try to use day-to-day communication solutions in the design of which they take into consideration the aspects of climatic protection (e.g. digital posters), and they have shot attitude forming documentaries.

Presentations regarding the award-winning projects are available in the hungarian site . The documents of the contest can be found under the related documents.