DOLPHIN Award 2012

An Award for a Committed, Sustainable, Innovative Generation
Granted to the most sustainable vendors of Magyar Telekom

The DELFIN Prize established by Magyar Telekom was presented in a special ceremony at the 13th Sustainability Round Table meeting.The prizes were presented to the category winners by Magyar Telekom’s representatives jointly with jury members. Jury members were: Ernő Simon (former chief editor of Figyelő), Dr. György Pataki (BudapestCorvinusUniversity), Péter Bodó (Association of Conscious Customers) and Katalin Szomolányi (Magyar Telekom. By awarding the DELFIN Prize and drawing on the experience of previous years, Magyar Telekom continues its efforts to promote the idea of sustainable development and to recognise achievements in this regard.

Categories and winners

In the “Innovation Introduced for Sustainability” category the prize went to the RT5 Taxi Holding Ltd. The corporation modernized its call centre by designing a mobile application for ordering taxi service. The application is easily and quickly accessible with a smart phone. It enables information to be displayed directly in front of the dispatcher with just the push of a button, and the order is immediately transferred. As soon as the taxi driver confirms acceptance of the call, the customer gets an immediate feedback on his phone about the vehicle’s data and exact arrival. The solution that is new for the industry has made possible smooth communication between the passenger, the dispatcher and the taxi driver sub-contractor.

Telekom awarded a special prize in the same category, which went to Ericsson Hungary Communication Systems Ltd. with its EARTH project entry. The EARTH project provides an answer to mobile technology-related questions of sustainable development by introducing through its studies and recommendations solutions that dramatically reduce energy loss and improve the energy efficiency of mobile broad band systems, without diminishing customer experience or system capacity. The project aims at reducing the energy consumption of wireless info-communication networks and the enhancement of their energy efficiency.

In the "Arousing Sustainability Awareness” category the Rubin Information Technology Private Limited Company was judged the best. The firm’s leaders and skilled employees give voluntary lectures and presentations for university students. They take part in providing lectures on building information technology at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the SaintStephenUniversity. The lectures deal with the operation of equipment that controls energy consumption in building engineering, the E85 comfort technology designed for the use of bio-ethanol  fuel and other options that reduce energy consumption and are environment friendly. During the lectures the firm’s experts consciously educate students to turn to solutions that are built on simple energy sources ensured by the environment and to aim in their solutions to use natural sources of energy.

Unfortunately, in the categories of “Investment projects or developments aimed at climate protection” and “"Support of equal opportunity and promotion of non-discrimination inside and outside the company”, we were unable to announce a winner in lack of proper projects submitted.

Presentations regarding the award-winning projects are available in the hungarian site . The documents of the contest can be found under the related documents.