Sustainability Day 2 - 25 September, 2009

Accepting Responsibility = Positive Energy

Last year’s fever is back with the second Sustainability Day. This year, it is on September 25 that you can cast your votes to save the world at the polling booths located within and around Magyar Telekom’s headquarters (Bp, 1013 Krisztina krt. 55).

Similarly to last year’s event, there will be professional panel discussions, an exhibition and, of course, dynamism and positive energies all aimed at the concept of sustainability.

On the occasion of the festivals Volt, Sziget and SZIN, you must have seen the giant Earth Ball on stage. That is the Earth Ball of the Sustainability Day. The Ball departed on its last journey on September 25. This is the last chance to sustain it or even carry it over from the formal event to the afterparty’s location.

Of course, the Ball is merely a prop, just like everything around us. Focus shall be on mentality and the possible ways to use our props the most environment-friendly manner, with an eye on what our fellow human beings need.

The panel discussions will be prompted by a Swedish consultant of WWF, Dennis Pamlin, who has already been part of many successful sustainability projects. He will talk about those past projects, as well as our sustainable future and the necessary innovations, in his characteristic dynamic and motivating style.

The discussions that follow must be structured along the three pillars of sustainability, and in order to ensure interactivity, everyone will have only five minutes to express their personal credos. The rest of the time is for questions and dialogue.

Society: responsibly for each other

We will address, among other topics, the issues of diversity at work and employing disadvantaged people.

The panel:

  • Balázs Dénes, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union
  • Katalin Tardos, International Business School
  • Péter Orbán, Sunflower (Napra Forgó) Public Service Company
  • Erika Barna, Blue Point Drug Counseling Outpatient Center
  • Orsolya Jeney, Amnesty International Hungary

Environment: positive green stories

The discussion will address primarily positive green stories in the spirit of the UN Climate Conference held at Coppenhague.

The panel:

  • Ada Ámon, Energy Club
  • Sándor László Horváth, Brixxon (manufacturer of Bontino, the Hungarian electric car)
  • Dr. Sándor Fiar, M1 television, Delta
  • Balázs Weyer, Origo
  • Katalin Szomolányi, Magyar Telekom

Economy: responsibly, with a positive bottom line

The discussion will address economy, ethics and conscious consumption.

The panel:

  • Gergő Horváth, Association of Conscious Consumers
  • Dr. Sándor Kerekes, CorvinusUniversity, Budapest
  • Gábor “Kükü” Kürti, Hajtás Pajtás
  • Ádám Földes, Transparency International

Péter Novák shall facilitate, as before, this year’s Sustainability Day, too.

We will make sure to wake up even those who are the fastest asleep, and to make them actively participate. For that purpose, the following will enrich the program:

  • Sustainability Contest in 3 categories, to which projects (film, music, visuals or shapes) can be submitted by September 18, the best of which will be exhibited as part of the Day. The extra category is footage shot on the spot or Film Live!
  • You can test drive alternative fuelled cars and see some alternative vehicles.
  • You can try Telepresence, the totally life-like videoconferencing technology.
  • You can draw on your creativity to make objects out of waste.
  • You will find all the sustainable goods available nowadays.
  • You will see composting tanks, windmills, solar panels, sun-lighted houses.
  • You can listen to drums, music and VJs.
  • You will be surrounded by lots of positive energy…

And when all of us are really awake, we will head to Millenáris Teátrum for a little team building afterparty thrown for the program’s participants, after having transported all the Earth Balls from the formal event’s location to Millenáris.

We will get the party started by handing out the awards to the winning projects, then dance to the music played by Maszkura és a Tücsökraj, and Zuboly. Later we will unwind to DJ – VJ performances, as long as the bio beer lasts…

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