Magyar Telekom Digital Bridge Fest in Nyírség

The Digital Bridge Fest has taken place for the second time. Having seen how successful the latest Fest even, held in Baranya, was, the following one was held at four small settlements of Nyírség, on December 12.

Bököny, Geszteréd, Érpatak and Nyírgelse hosted the event this time. As usual, the volunteers of Magyar Telekom’s DigitalBridge at Small Settlements program made presentations about the internet and provided customized internet training. There was an internet-related contests again, and of course, prizes, too. With the stewardship of singer, musician, choreographer, Péter Novák, a talent contest also took place, where anyone was welcome to perform what they believed to be especially talented at.
You can read more about the program details in the linked documents.

The video footage shot at the four locations of the talent contest, as well as the one about the internet contest are available among the links.