T-Systems offers small and medium-sized enterprises a complete office communicationsinfrastructure that consists of modern IT and telecommunications tools, everything from asingle provider.

The consistent IP-based business communications solutionpackage’s features:

  • Symmetric broadband Internet and voice access for every site
  • Telephony (equipment, PBX services and operation)
  • Secure Internet services (security – tools and operation)
  • Service Desk and monitoring
  • Secure (IPSec-VPN based) data transfer over the Internet
  • Audio and video functionality, and interactive conferencing as well as presence and mobility solutions.

The service package can be tailored to fit the requirements of your organization.

Your company can start using modern tools and an excellent system with no initial investment. The service is based on a monthly fee, making it easy to calculate costs. The workload of your in-house IT experts change; T-Systems takes over the daily burden of maintaining, operating and protecting your system, allowing your personnel to work on value-added development and strategic issues. The telecommunications and IT services that facilitate your business activity are sourced from a single vendor, enabling you to cut down on the administrative costs related to vendor management. IP telephony is compatible with the business communications solutions provided by the most important vendors in the market because it uses the same standard protocols (e.g. Microsoft mail applications).

The service package includes remote management and monitoring, making it possible to correct at least some of the potential problems remotely; this leads to improved system uptime and decreased business loss. The service can be swiftly and flexibly modified, at favorable costs, in order to conform to changes in personnel or the number of sites.

The service provided by T-Systems guarantees homogeneity, eliminating the possibility of compatibility problems between units. The service framework defines responsibilities and service levels unambiguously, the existing and emerging standards guarantee consistent quality.

Sustainability benefits:

  • It promotes the provision of free access to information.
  • It promotes the individual’s personal choices (free choice of the place of stay, free choice of the workplace, free choice of work, etc.).
  • It generates patterns of consumption and production that help reduce stress on the environment.
  • It helps participate in decision (with promoting the access to information, etc.).
  • It helps save resources (lower energy consumption, paper, etc.)
  • It helps dematerialize products and services.
  • It helps improved control of resources
  • It helps reduce traffic (vehicles, transit).
  • It reduces traffic-related fuel consumption and emissions (including noise).
  • Reduces customer costs and protects from additional expenses.
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