Carbon neutrality

The company’s operations have remained carbon-neutral since 2015

Magyar Telekom Group was the first major corporation in Hungary and one of the first leading European telcos to become fully carbon-neutral in 2015. We are proud that in 2019 we managed to maintain that in the fifth consecutive year.

Magyar Telekom Group firmly believes that ICT can be an asset in sustainability, thus the Group, being one of Hungary’s biggest employers, commits to and assumes responsibility for pursuing its operations, corporate governance and other activities in the spirit of sustainability. That is why Telekom, for more than 10 years, has put extra emphasis on sustainability, including efforts to protect the environment and the climate. The company’s fourth Sustainability Strategy launched this year to cover the years through 2020 focuses mainly on climate protection, along with two other foci: training and education, as well as digital sustainability.

After many years of efforts, Magyar Telekom Group became carbon-neutral in 2015, which we managed to achieve in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, too, partly by further decreasing the energy consumption of our operations, increasing our energy-efficiency, modernizing our network and data centers, as well as increasing the ratio of hybrid and electric cars in the fleet. In our operations, we give preference to the use of sustainable ICT products and services.We use wind and/or solar energy to fuel several layers of our infrastructure, and in our own operations, we give preference to the use of sustainable ICT products and services. Our electric power consumption in Hungary comes exclusively from renewable energy sources, and we neutralize the use of fossil energy by supporting green projects.


As a result of the developments, in 2018 our paper consumption has decreased by 66% compared to that of 2010, and our energy consumption has greatly decreased, too: we consume 60% less gas, 25% less water and 40% less electric power.Our employees also play a major role in carbon-neutrality. Our colleagues opted for environment-friendly means of transportation 37,800 times, covered 63,000 kilometers by TeleBike bicycles commuting between our facilities in 2017, thus saving 11,700 kilograms of CO2 emissions. We also saved 3 million kilometers of travel this year by video conferencing, while our colleagues also eliminated another 3 million kilometers and 15 years of travel by telework in 2017.

Beyond its own climate protection measures, Magyar Telekom also engages its customers in its climate protection initiatives. It started in 2018 by carbon-neutralizing the residential and business Magenta1 services on the customer side, too, meaning that the CO2 emissions of the equipment installed at customer premises were also neutralized. In 2019, the Company launches a new green service thus enabling environment-conscious customers acting as responsible members of Generation Now to use green technology to browse the net. The ExtraNet Green 1 GB data extension option allows customers to use a data service that runs exclusively on renewable energy.