We would like to take part in the education of citizens and our customers alike. Our objective is to directly or indirectly reach 1,000,000 persons in Hungary by the end of the strategic period. These trainings are focused on two areas: digital education programs and ensuring the succession of professionals in the industry.

Digital Bridge

Magyar Telekom launched the “Digital Bridge in Small Settlements” and the “Digital Bridge Fest Program” in 2004 to raise awareness on the accomplishments as well as the opportunities offered by info-communication technologies in areas where the digital rift is present and over time may deepen into a divide. Within the frame of the program we organized more than 200 events.

Become an IT expert! program

In order to ensure professional succession in the industry, Magyar Telekom launched the Become an IT expert! program where Telekom volunteers give presentations across the country to secondary school students on the benefit of choosing the IT profession within the frame of lessons at schools. The program reached 30,000 young students from 2016 to 2019.

Child protection

On the following pages you may find useful information on child protection and child protection software as well as security tips on conscious using of TV, the internet and mobile phones.

Delfin Award

Magyar Telekom established the DELFIN Award in 2008 with the purpose of recognizing and rewarding its vendors that demonstrate outstanding performance in the context of sustainability. Since 2013, not only Magyar Telekom’s vendors may compete for the Award, but any business or organization active in Hungary, too.

Sustainability Roundtable

The event organized on a yearly basis serves the purpose to provide a platform to discuss what is expected of the Group and the relevant problems, as well as to accommodate joint thinking and cooperation for a sustainable future, and to present our sustainability goals and achievements to our stakeholders.

Future Telekom Employees

Magyar Telekom supports the education of the youth not only in classroom settings, but through its Internship Program and Mobile Professors Program, too. It is a key objective of ours to reach out to generations Y and Z, help them find their way in a large enterprise, and gain useful professional experience doing team and project work. 

Sustainability Day

In 2019, we organized the 12th festival conference called Sustainability Day, where breakout sessions, interactive exhibitions, creative project contest award ceremonies and an after-party, creating a real festival atmosphere, awaited those interested. Once more, the number of participants at Akvárium Klub reached record heights at 11 000. In September, 2020, it will be again at Akvárium Klub that we organize the event.