Magyar Telekom Group Compliance program


The Magyar Telekom Corporate Compliance Program (‘hereinafter ‘Compliance Program’) has been developed to create an internal culture where ‘Respect and Ethics’ is one of the most crucial values. The Compliance Program is enacted at all member companies of the Group where Magyar Telekom has effective control and is part of Deutsche Telekom's comprehensive compliance management system (CMS).

The Compliance Program applies to all bodies, organizations, directors, officers and employees of the Magyar Telekom Group, as well as to consultants, agents, representatives, and all other persons or bodies who carry out work on behalf of any company within the Group. Additionally, we expect our business partners, suppliers and customers to aid us in this effort by acting in a similarly ethical manner.

Group Compliance Hub Lead

The core elements of our compliance management system are as follows:

The Compliance Program is reflected in the Code of Conduct which is accepted internally by all employees and by all suppliers through Magyar Telekom Procurement Intranet site.


Our main focus is on preventing potential misconduct. Through training (face-to-face training and e-learning courses) and innovative measures such as interactive discussion formats, we promote compliance awareness among our employees and help them to identify typical corruption risks in their everyday work and to behave appropriately. In addition, employees can seek advice from the consultation service "AskMe", which provides tips and helps in uncertain situations in relation to the application of the guidelines and rules in the Code of Conduct.
Magyar Telekom has a large number of internal policies on how to avoid corruption and to comply with other principles specified in the Code of Conduct.


Magyar Telekom has set up a tip-off portal (”Tell me!”). Anyone can provide anonymous tips on potential compliance violations. The tips are treated strictly confidential and are investigated by specially trained employees. We also ensure the security and transparency of our business processes through regular audits.
Regular compliance risk assessment is a key pillar of the Compliance Program. This provides an opportunity to identify and assess compliance risks and to put in place the necessary preventive actions.


Compliant, legal behavior is valued – whilst misconduct is not tolerated. We systematically pursue misconduct and impose appropriate sanctions.

Code of Conduct


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