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DELFIN Award again for responsibly operating Hungarian companies!

Budapest, April 25, 2016 15:00

Magyar Telekom also hands over awards this year to enterprises excelling in the field of sustainability. The DELFIN Award acknowledges Hungarian companies that present outstanding commitment towards sustainable development and sustainability performance of exemplary volume, compared to their activity.

By handing over the DELFIN Award established in 2008, Magyar Telekom intends to raise awareness about sustainable development, appreciating efforts made for this purpose. Any enterprise operating in Hungary can apply for the award with projects, programs and developments setting an example for an operation, that is also efficient from the sustainability point of view. 

Companies can apply with projects and programs already operating in 2016, in the following 4 categories:

  • innovation for sustainability
  • equality of chances
  • climate protection related capital expenditure, development
  • sustainable awareness raising, education

Application need to be entered electronically by May 22, 2016 at: The DELFIN Award will be handed over by Telekom on June 10, 2016 at the 17th Magyar Telekom Sustainability Round Table discussion.

Winners of the competition will receive the creation of Botos Péter glass artist, as well as an invitation to Telekom’s Sustainability Day this year, where they can demonstrate their results achieved in the field of sustainability. Additionally, a 2-3 minutes film will also be made about the winning entry, coupled with online promotion. In case of SMEs the winner receives a Next Business Comfort M package with 2 GB mobile net (monthly fee for 1 year waived in 100%), as well as unlimited browsing and email option (for the fractional half monthly fee 100% discount, for maximum 12 calendar month) and Office 365 Corporate Premium package (monthly fee for 12 months 100% discount). The winner in the large company category can also exhibit and introduce itself at the 2016 Symposium of T-Systems Hungary.

Members of the professional jury include: Bodó Péter, independent expert (founder of Route 4 you);György Bence, chief editor (origo, Sustainability Media Club);
Dr. Pataki György university docent (Budapesti Corvinus University); Szomolányi Katalin, leader of the sustainability center (Magyar Telekom).

The detailed application terms are available at the Telekom corporate website:

The film related to the competition: